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Indie Meme Press Kit

Indie Meme's mission is to promote socially relevant independent cinema from south Asia, in an effort to influence social and cultural awareness and consciousness, and encourage and facilitate conversations around the issues the films address.

Indie Meme offers screenings of independent cinema – feature, documentaries, short films, etc. from South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and even Iran).

Indie Meme engages, educates, entertains, and brings communities together, providing a culturally enriching experience and a view into parts of the world which may be unfamiliar or inaccessible to US audiences. 

Our every event is, by nature, a community event. Indie Meme collaborates with local theatrical venues, artists, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, students, volunteers, print/electronic media, restaurants, and, most critically, supportive national, state and local non-profit organizations. All efforts involve generating higher economic activity and economic prosperity in the region, as well as raising the visibility of pressing social issues and the organizations dedicated, regionally and internationally, to those issues. 


Press Contacts:

Alka Bhanot

Tripti Bhatnagar

Interested in reviewing a film from our library of past screenings? We are happy to help make a connection to the filmmaking and/or distribution team!

Press Releases/Resources:

2021 Awards Page
2021 Festival Press Release

2020 Festival Wrap/Awards

2020 Festival Announcement

2019 Festival Press Release

2017 Press Release

Our logos are available in a variety of formats for display on web sites or in print. 

Right-click on the logo you'd like and download.

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