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Vakuppu (The Clause)



US Premiere

In-Person, Virtual


Based on the short story 'Jamyam' by Abhishek SS, the film delves into the inner turmoil of seemingly aggressive senior police officer Shankara Pillai (James Elia) and a young man. In a police station in Kerala, Chandran is arrested and awaits his turn on the bench as the police attempt to frame him for the deaths of two stray dogs near a butcher shop. The senior police officer keeps piling on more charges from the penal code, and the motive behind his actions appears increasingly personal. Chandran's phone incessantly rings, and the officer glimpses a photo of a young woman (Meenu) on the caller ID. The senior civil police officer overhears Chandran's address and decides to excuse himself from duty. As Shankara Pillai is about to leave, Chandran discloses that "she" is eight months pregnant, and he was at the butcher shop to purchase mutton for her. Shankara Pillai departs, instructing his subordinate to release Chandran after some time. On his way out, he stops by a shop to buy a mutton dish. When he opens his wallet, we catch sight of a photo of a young Meenu inside it.

Royal Stag Large Short Films Best Actor Award at Jio MAMI 2024
4/20/24, 3:30 PM
All Badges, Shorts Program Ticket
AFS Cinema


R Jayaraj

Jayaraj R. is an accomplished advertising filmmaker with a career spanning over a decade. His journey began in 2011 as an assistant director, where he honed his skills and steadily rose through the ranks. Over the years, Jayaraj has collaborated with numerous prestigious national brands and agencies, serving as a producer and director. His impressive portfolio includes directing commercials for renowned clients such as Tata Trusts and Chandrika Glycerine Soap. With this wealth of experience, Jayaraj ventured into founding Homebrew Films, bringing a rich tapestry of expertise to the world of film and video production.

R Jayaraj


R Jayaraj


Abhishek SS


Praveen Krishnan


HomeBrew Films


James Elia, Siju Chandran, Arun Kizhussery, Jomel, Jomit Johny, Siju , Paul


Shinoz, Krishna Raaj, Arun Varma

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