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Interested in volunteering for IMFF 2019?

We still have some opportunities available!

Host a Party pre-festival
Host a Chai & Samosa party or a Wine & Cheese party and have our team come and pitch the festival to your friends / co-workers /'s a great overview of the festival which you get to host. And we love to meet new communities and tell them about the imff programming. Write to us at for more information if interested - we will share the perk you earn for this. Few dates still available before the festival begins Venues - home . office . club house.
Volunteer during the festival
Volunteers are the backbone of the festival and imff2019 is possible thanks to an army of such volunteers. Volunteer for imff 2019 and get an up close and personal experience of the festival. Meet interesting people, make new friends, connect with international filmmakers. Volunteers are required to attend atleast one volunteer orientation pre-festival. Perks include Tickets to the films being screened. Click here to find volunteer position still open 
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