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IMFF 2021 F.A.Q


Ready to join us?
Learn how to get set-up on our virtual platform with the slides below:

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For a detailed walk-through, from tickets to Filmocracy, check out the video guide below. 

For more on streaming films & navigating FILMOCRACY check out our TECH: HOW TO GUIDE

For general questions, check our FAQ below & our ATTEND page.

  • When is the 2021 Indie Meme Virtual Film Festival?
    IMFF 2021 will take place entirely online during the consecutive weekends of April 16-18th and April 23rd-25th, 2021. On the Monday and Tuesday after each weekend, the on-demand library will be stocked with that weekend's selections. Badgeholders can use this library to catch up on screenings & Q&As they may have missed.
  • Is the 2021 Indie Meme Film Festival a completely virtual event?
    Yes! IMFF 2021 is planned as a 100% virtual event, with live and on-demand screenings, live Q&As, and conversations all taking place on the streaming/conferencing platform, Filmocracy.
  • Are IMFF passes and tickets available?
    Currently, BADGES are on sale on Eventbrite for $55. These all-access badges grant admittance to live & on-demand screenings, filmmaker Q&A's, and special events including our Awards Night program! Festival badges are priced at $55 for the general public, but are free to Indie Meme Fan Level Members and $20 for Family Level Members. Become a member and save! Members also get free & discounted access to all our one-off screenings of features, documentaries, & shorts + special events, discussions, and meet and greets. Existing Indie Meme members should be sure to use their member email address as their personal PROMO CODE when checking out on Eventbrite to take advantage of their FREE or discounted badge opportunities. Individual ticketing is available as well.
  • How do I attend IMFF 2021?
    After securing you badge or ticket on Eventbrite, you will receive information about joining FILMOCRACY, where all screenings & Q&A's will be hosted. Like you would with NETFLIX or Hulu, you will need to create a (free) account to use Filmocracy. On Filmocracy, all festival events will take place in our virtual village, which can be found at:
  • What is Filmocracy?
    Filmocracy is an innovative streaming & conferencing platform that we have partnered with for our 2021 Virtual Edition. FILMOCRACY's Features include: - Secure, high-quality film streaming for live & on-demand titles - ZOOM-style video, audio, and text-based conferencing features - An attractive map/village layout that allows audiences to move between "buildings" such as the THEATER (for screenings) and WELCOME CENTER (for Q&A) - Live Chat Agents available to troubleshoot We feel that Filmocracy helps to restore a sense of place & community to virtual events and hope that you'll feel the same!
  • Can I watch from outside the US?
    Due to distribution & rights, all our screenings are geo-blocked to the United States. So unfortunately, guests from abroad cannot join us in streaming our selections. However, we encourage you to keep an eye out for these titles from where you are. We will be posting some extras, like Q&As and conversations, after the festival, so stay tuned. Thank you for your interest in INDIE MEME and independent cinema!
  • Can I stream the films on my TV or Smart TV?
    Yes! We're totally with you on the desire to screen films on the biggest & best possible screen. The best way to do this (and IM recommended way) is to use an HDMI cable that connects your laptop to your TV (you may need to buy an HDMI adapter cable if you have a MacBook with only USB-C ports). Other options include : Screen mirroring options which connect your computer & television include HDMI cords, Airplay, Chromecast, etc. Filmocracy is still a new platform and stil developing their dedicated streaming apps for ROKU and other platforms, but we hope these options help. NOTE: For the best experience of interacting with our map, lobby, and LIVE filmmakers Q&A's, a laptop or desktop computer is strongly recommended. For those new to or unfamiliar with hooking up their laptop/device to their desired TV, we are happy to be your partners in finding the best solution for you. Connect with us at and we'll help you to troubleshoot via email or phone call.
  • How will LIVE Q&A's work?
    Much like an in-person event, audiences will have the chance to share their thoughts & questions with filmmakers. LIVE Q&A's will take place on Filmocracy in the Q&A Lobby, after the live-screening - time will be provided in our Schedule. Filmmakers and moderators will kick off the conversation and take audience questions. Questions will be typed out and selected by our moderators. We love to have audience members appear on video/audio to ask their question aloud and will invite selected audience members to do so! However, we're also happy to read the questions of those who'd prefer not to hop on the virtual "stage". For those who wish to share an observation rather than a question, you can (and should!) share your thoughts & compliments in the live chat. It's so appreciated. Please attend our pre-event tech check to chat with other film lovers and get a handle on the new Filmocracy platform.
  • How many films will be in the program? What kinds of films does Indie Meme screen?
    Our 2021 Program can be explored here! We plan to screen ~ 10 feature length narratives/documentaries and ~15 shorts, making for ~25 films total. Many of these fims are screening in the U.S. and/or Texas region for the first time. A 501c(3) non-profit, Indie Meme.Org’s mission is to promote socially relevant independent cinema from South Asia, in an effort to influence social and cultural awareness and consciousness, and encourage and facilitate dialogue.We offer screenings of carefully curated independent cinema – feature, documentaries, short films, etc. from South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan,Nepal, Bhutan, Iran) Indie Meme programs films from established directors and new voices worth discovering. Films run the gamut from socio-political dramas to animated adventures, family sagas, surreal horror, and incisive documentaries. PAST SELECTIONS include Jafar Panahi's THREE FACES ( Best Screenplay - Cannes Film Festival), SHIP OF THESEUS (National Award Winner - Best Film), MADE IN BANGLADESH, AAMIS:THE RAVENING, COURT , & LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA. A listing of titles from past festivals & events can be found here.
  • I'm having a technical issue, who should I talk to?"
    You can always reach out to us at, but depending on your question and the timing, there are several resources available. Before the Festival:For pre-festival questions regarding ticketing, passes, getting set-up on our virtual platform, your best point of contact is While we don't currently have an official live phone-line, we can set up a call if needed. Just give us a shout! If your question pertains to Filmocracy specificaly, you may also refer to the officialFilmocracy FAQ or our virtual screenings step-by-step page. During the Festival: If an issue arises during a screening or event, you should remain on Filmocracy and use the LIVE CHAT feature available on our homepage: You can find this feature as a green chat button in the lower right-hand corner. This will connect you with Live Agents from both our team and Filmocracy who can resolve any errors. Happy Festing!
  • Will films be live or on-demand?
    The first screening of each feature, documentary, or shorts block will be fully LIVE and must be viewed at the scheduled time. LIVE Screenings and Q&As take place throughout the weekends of the festival. On the Monday and Tuesday following each festival weekend, the on-demand library will be stocked with the prior weekend's selections. Badgeholders can use this library to catch up on their own time with films & conversations they may have missed! LIVE Festival Events: April 16th-18th and 23rd-25th. ON-DEMAND Windows: April 19th -20th (first weekend's films) + April 26th-27th (second weekend's films) *Note, all films except the short film ANITA will be available to badgeholders in the on-demand building * Individual tickets guarantee acess ONLY to the initial LIVE screening and Q&A
  • How do I access the films?
    All films available for online viewing with Indie Meme Film Festival are hosted on You can access the films by purchasing an all-access badge, individual film tickets, or short film block tickets.
  • How much does it cost to watch the films?
    The all-access film festival badge for members is $40 and for non-members, it is $50. Members can purchase individual film tickets or access to short film blocks for $5, while non-members can get the same for $8.
  • Can I watch the films on my TV?
    Yes, you can watch the films on your phone, laptop, or TV. If you have an Apple device and Apple TV, you can stream the films on your TV using Airplay. Similarly, if you use Google TV, you can stream the films on your TV using Chromecast.
  • Are there any restrictions on the geographic location of viewers?
    Yes, some films are available for viewing only within the US, and some within the state of Texas.
  • Is there a schedule for when the films will be available?
    Yes, the online film festival will be available for streaming from April 28th to May 1st.
  • Can I pause or rewind the films while I'm watching them?
    Yes, you can pause and rewind the films during the festival window.
  • Can I watch the films for free if I hold a badge for the in-person film festival or if I am a Fan level member of Indie Meme?
    Yes, if you already hold a badge for the in-person film festival or if you are a Fan level member of Indie Meme, you can access all the films online for free.
  • Where can I find additional FAQs?
    You can view additional FAQs on the Filmocracy website at
  • Can I watch the films on multiple devices?
    Yes, you can watch the films on multiple devices as long as you are logged into your account.
  • How can members request a discount code?
    Members can request a discount code by emailing to
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