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Mission Statement

Indie Meme's mission is to promote socially relevant independent cinema from south Asia, in an effort to influence social and cultural awareness and consciousness, and encourage and facilitate conversations around the issues the films address.

Indie Meme offers screenings of independent cinema – feature, documentaries, short films, etc. from South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan,Nepal, Bhutan),

Indie Meme engages, educates, entertains, and brings together different communities around the country, and provides audiences in the United States with a culturally enriching experience, through a view into a part of the world that audiences may not be familiar with.

Every event organized is a community event. Indie Meme works with local artists, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, theaters, students, volunteers, local print/electronic media, restaurants, and most importantly, with national, state and local non-profit organizations. All efforts involve generating higher economic activity and economic prosperity in the region, as well as helping raise the visibility of relevant social issues and the organizations and groups that work on those issues.


  • Regular (an average of once every 6-8 weeks) stand-alone screenings of carefully curated screenings of independent feature films, documentaries, or short films from South Asia. These films are curated in an effort to identify cinema that is of superior technical and cinematic quality, and at the same time one that addresses a relevant social issue.

  • At each of its screenings, partner organizations that are affiliated with the issues highlighted in the films are invited to participate, as well as film-makers, if possible, which allows for meaningful, engaging discussions between audiences, the film-makers, and the organizations invited.

  • Currently, Indie Meme coordinates screenings in Austin and Dallas, and is working on expanding iscreenings to other cities across the US.

In addition to the stand-alone screenings, Indie organizes an annual “Indie Meme Film Festival” over a period of 3-4 days, where, again, it presents multiple screenings of South Asian independent feature/documentary/short films for audiences over 3 days. The IMFF also includes educational opportunities through panel discussions, and one-on- one interaction with the film-makers. Currently, the IMFF is organized only in Austin, Texas.

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