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Indie Meme is more than just a film festival.

Step into the vibrant world of South Asian independent cinema in Austin, Texas with Indie Meme. Established in 2013, Indie Meme LLC was born out of a passion for storytelling through film, and a desire to make compelling independent films from South Asia accessible to a wider audience in the United States. The inspiration struck founders Alka Bhanot and Tripti Bhatnagar when filmmaker Surabhi Sharma faced a lack of visibility for her film screening in Austin, revealing a void in the availability and awareness of meaningful South Asian cinema for enthusiasts like herself.

What started as a simple idea, with individual screenings through the year, has blossomed into the Indie Meme Organization, a nonprofit with the mission to bring socially relevant cinema from South Asia to the United States, fostering conversation around issues that bridge continents. Indie Meme has grown since its inception, and in 2016, IMFF@Austin emerged as the festival's signature event, earning the prestigious "Best International Passport - 2016" accolade from The Austin Chronicle. The festival has since become the go-to destination for those seeking unique and powerful stories from South Asia and beyond.

The carefully curated programming showcases slices of life from countries such as India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Iran, and more. Indie Meme is not just a cinematic experience. The organization provides a platform where the audience mingles with filmmakers for post-screening discussions and dialog. It's a community where film enthusiasts converge to engage in conversations that build understanding of cultures half a world away. Indie Meme The driving force behind the organization and the annual Film Festival is the Indie Meme Community, a dedicated group of volunteers and staff that support all aspects of the organization’s programming.

Indie Meme is more than just a film festival — it's a testament to the power of storytelling and the community that thrives on the love for independent cinema. Immerse yourself in a world of diverse perspectives, compelling narratives, and the magic of independent filmmaking from South Asia at the Indie Meme Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

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Alka Bhanot

Alka's aim is to celebrate the diversity within the South Asian community, often considered monolithic, and give a platform to emerging new talent from one of the most populous parts of the world. Having graduated with an Economics Major, she did her post graduation in Mass Communications, and then worked in the Indian Television Industry as a Producer for 10 years before moving to Austin in 2002. Alka has worked on various Indie films in Austin as well as a locally produced animated series which aired on PBS. Alka and her architect husband have 2 children and the most affectionate dog in the world!



Tripti Bhatnagar

Tripti has a diverse background in business and a deep passion for cinema. She has assisted award-winning films with research, interviews, and marketing. Tripti believes in the influential power of cinema and its ability to transcend borders to help create a more informed and engaged society. She lives in Dallas with her husband, two boys, and a puppy 'Sir Bear.'

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