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Virtual Film Festival Pioneer Indie Meme Hits It's Stride

Indie Meme, Day by Day - Two Weekends of the Best of South Asian Cinema


With their first virtual festival behind them, IMFF is taking on a second over two weekends this month, having grown in staff and scope to embrace a new digital landscape."

- Austin Chronicle, Shane Pfender

Lights, Camera, Austin: IMFF 2021 w/Sweta Rajesh and Ananyaa Ravi

 The Indie Meme Team speaks with Robert Sims of  Lights, Camera, Austin

Our Programming Director, Sweta Rajesh, and Tech Chair, Ananyaa Ravi, discuss their multi-year journey with Indie Meme - from volunteers to leaders - and what excites them about Indie Meme's history, future, and filmmakers. 

Why A Film Festival In Texas Wants To Get People Talking About South Asia - An Interview w/ Programming Director: Sweta Rajesh

Sixth Annual Indie Meme Film Festival Goes Virtual for 2021

Founded by two visionary women, Alka Bhanot and Tripti Bhatnagar, the award winning festival will allow their audience to stream films & connect (virtually) with filmmakers by participating in live Q&As post-screening – all from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Indie Meme Film Festival Goes Virtual in 2021

During the early days of the pandemic, the 2020 edition of IMFF lead the way as one of the first festivals to pivot to a virtual event providing safe, live, online, interactive panels and screenings. Tune in again for a stellar lineup of events from April 16-18 and April 23-25, 2021.

The Sixth Annual (and second virtual) Indie Meme Film Festival 

-Broadcast Interview with IMFF Co-Founder Alka Bhanot

Alka Bhanot, the co-founder of the Indie Meme Film Festival, explains how you can see screenings of carefully curated South Asian independent cinema.

'Seven and a Half' Honored at Texas Film Festival

Iranian drama “Seven and a Half” won an honorable mention at the Indie Meme Film Festival in Austin, Texas, the Organizers announced on Sunday. The film, written and directed by Navid Mahmoudi, received the honor in the narrative feature category. 

Zoom, Cinema, and the Transnational Q&A

 .."when the technology is made to work by those who leverage it, possibilities emerge for not just sustaining communities, but bridging them in new ways. 

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Thank you to the outlets who have spotlighted our films, shared our work, and spoken with us over the years - you bring valuable conversation & context to our events and our community!

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