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Experience an exclusive preview of Austin's rising stars in the world of cinema, brought to you by Indie Meme. Indie Meme takes pride in championing the fresh voices and untapped potential of our local filmmaking community. Join us for an intimate evening celebrating the works of these promising talents

In addition to these outstanding short films, we're thrilled to unveil the title track music video of Where The Stars Are, crafted by another talented Austin filmmaker Kirtana Banskota. The film was shot exclusively in Austin

Austin Short Films Showcase
Austin Short Films Showcase
Oct 08, 2023, 3:00 PM
Meet South Asian Filmmakers in ATX at a special cast & crew screening


Waiting Room


Directed by Rajesh Vemula

In the rural Texas countryside of 1947, Dhruv and his wife, Tara, encounter Anna while on their way home. They kindly offer her a ride to a nearby village. However, as they resume their journey, they discover that Anna has accidentally left her bag in their car.
Returning to the deserted village to return Anna's belongings, as they navigate the abandoned village in search of Anna, they find themselves separated, leading them into a dangerous situation they could never have anticipated.


How To Wash The Dead

Directed by Asad Kirmani

Saif is young, angry, Muslim, American. Vulnerable after his father’s death, and enthralled by online extremist content, he drags himself and his brother into the depths of misplaced vengeance. He is forced to deal with the devastating aftermath

Men & The Art of Contemplation- Poster.jpg

Men & The Art of Contemplation

Directed by Kumar Mayank

While a man shows no recovery from his recent breakup, his friends get fiercely involved in an absurd discourse on a rainy afternoon.

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