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Film Showcase - February 2015

Jones Auditorium, St. Edwards University 
3001 South Congress Avenue
Austin TX 78704

Saturday Feb 7th & Sunday Feb 8th 2015

Indie Meme MEMBER FILM PASS - ONLY For Indie Meme Members 
(members to get their cards at venue) Access to ALL films for the 2 days ......................................................$15.00 ($16.52 w/service fee)

Non-Member FILM PASS - Access to ALL films for the 2 days.............................................................................$25.00 ($26.87 w/service fee)

Indie Meme MEMBERSHIP - Membership for 1 yr. For Member benefits ........................................................$20.00

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Saturday, February 7, 2015   ...   11:00am - 1:20pm
14mins / Short Narrative/ India 
(screening followed by Skype Q&A with filmmaker)
Filmmaker – Srinjay Thakur 
Chhattisgarhi & Hindi with English Subtitles
The film deals with the complex idea of how technology takes over life. A layered idea executed with disarming simplicity. 
90mins / Narrative Feature/ Sri Lanka
Filmmaker – Prasanna Vithanage 
The film set, in post war Sri Lanka, brings us close to two characters who collide quite accidentally, and through them we experience the deep and seemingly unbridgeable chasm that conflict almost always creates. Will love help them cross the bridge? Or will the past continue to color the present? A man and a woman from the two ends of the thirty-year-old bloody civil war in Sri Lanka discover that the color of love is blue, and life, shades of grey. 

Sinhala with English Subtitles
Saturday, February 7, 2015   ...   2:00pm - 4:30pm 
30mins / Short Narrative/ India 
(screening followed by Skype Q&A with filmmaker)

Filmmaker – Kislay 

Kamla works as a full time maid in upwardly mobile modern India family’s home. Where the lady of the house is affectionate and regularly showers her with gifts and old clothes. In this ‘modern’ home, there is no obvious violence and hierarchies but, as Kamla slowly realizes, it is hidden behind caring words and gestures of love. The film attempts to understand a class relationship in an atmosphere of love and affection.

Hindi with English Subtitles
87mins/ Documentary Feature/ India 
(screening followed by Skype Q&A with filmmaker)
Filmmaker – Surabhi Sharma 

Bidesia is Bhojpuri for ‘the one who leaves home’. Bambai is their name for Mumbai/Bombay.

Like most migrants in a global city, the migrant in the film too inhabits the precarious edges of Mumbai. Along with his meager belongings though, the migrant brings with him a vibrant musical culture. Frequently sexually charged, at times religious, often lyrical and occasionally political, the migrant is both the subject of, and the audience for this music.

Bidesia in Bambai charts the travails of two ambitious singers – Ramanuj Pathak, a one-time taxi-driver chasing his first record deal; and Kalpana Patowary, one of the stars of the Bhojpuri music industry. The lives of these singers are punctuated by the changing landscape of the city, where, much like their lives, structures are built and torn down regularly. TRAILER -

Hindi/ Bhojpuri with English Subtitles
Saturday, February 7, 2015  ...  4:45pm - 7:45pm
30min short Documentary/ India 
(screening followed by Skype Q&A with filmmaker)
Filmmaker – Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh 
When a small farming community in South India decided to switch from their decades-old practice of chemical agriculture to organic farming, little did they know that they were planting the seeds of a silent revolution. By showcasing the exemplary efforts of farmers of a tiny village in Andhra Pradesh, Timbaktu explores critical issues of food security and sovereignty. At its heart, Timbaktu looks at the relationship that a farmer shares with her land, her seeds and raises critical questions about food, the very essence of human life.

 Telegu with English Subtitles
13mins / Short Narrative /India -
(screening followed by Skype Q&A with filmmaker)
Filmmaker – Anirban Roy 
It starts out over a song and ends up where no one could have expected. A thirteen-year-old Indian girl has her first real confrontation with authority when her father forbids her to play the American dance music she loves. When she decides to take revenge, the situation escalates to become a neighborhood scandal. A dark comedy about parental authority, teenage rebellion, curry, whiskey, and house music. TRAILER-

Bengali with English Subtitles
110mins/ Narrative feature / India

Filmmaker – Onir

I AM is about issues and dilemmas that bruise the modern Indian society. Unraveling and exploring these tribulations, the film unfolds many a tale of individuals struggling to find their identity, and uphold their dignity in a world that is callous, cold and unsympathetic. Shot in four different cities across India, I AM is a fusion of stories where the protagonists share a common dream – a desire to regain their lives, to regain an identity which has been taken away from them. 

English/Hindi/Marathi with English Subtitles
Saturday, February 7, 2015 .... 8:00pm - 9:30pm

for Indie Meme Members and film pass holders 

@ Marigold Gateway to India
2200 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78704
Sunday, February 8, 2015 ... 10:30am - noon
NEWBORNS – 9min / doc short / India 
(screening followed by Skype Q&A with filmmaker)
Filmmaker – Megha Ramaswami 

Newborns attempts to provide a lens to the survivors of acid violence, to look forward and gaze back. They take us through the ennui of their domestic and public spaces in a nameless dystopian city, its factories, houses and motels, and its promises, never honored. 

Hindi with English Subtitles
56min / Documentary / India 
(screening followed by Skype Q&A with filmmaker)Filmmaker – Miriam Chandy

The Rat Race winds its way through the grimy underbelly of Mumbai, through dimly lit alleys and crowded markets to tell the story of the city’s rat killers. Using the vehicle of the rat the documentary explores issues of livelihood to paint a moving account of India at the crossroads. 

Hindi with English Subtitles
Sunday 12:20pm - 3:00pm, February 8, 2015
143mins / Narrative Feature /India

Filmmaker – Anand Gandhi 

A blind photographer grapples with the loss of her intuitive brilliance as an aftermath of a clinical procedure; an erudite monk confronting an ethical dilemma with a long held ideology, has to choose between principle and death; and a young stockbroker, following the trail of a stolen kidney, learns how intricate morality could be. Following the separate strands of their philosophical journeys, and their eventual convergence, Ship of Theseus explores questions of identity, justice, beauty, meaning and death. TRAILER

Hindi/English/Arabic/Swedish with English Subtitles
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