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Aise Hee (Just Like That)

India | Fiction | Drama | 2019 |119 min| Hindi; English subtitles

Virtual Screening:

Sunday, January 31st 2021   |   

Screening: 6.30pm - 9.30pm CST

Film-maker Kislay in attendance for the a post screening Q&A

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Aise Hee (Just Like That) tells the story of an old woman's little rebellion, a rebellion of little things. But why are people around her so concerned? Why are people so afraid? Why are people so angry?


Mrs. Sharma is the ideal wife of a locally respected small-time government employee living with extended family in small-town Allahabad. But when her husband dies, Mrs. Sharma begins to take liberties with her life that, although
innocent in themselves, begin a rapid rippling of gossip and familial tensions that together spell tragedy.


Mrs. Sharma is expected to move down and live with her son and grandchildren, and not worry herself with issues of finance and property. But she has plans of her own. The film follows Mrs. Sharma as she picks up new hobbies, living an independent lifestyle while being indifferent to the judgemental eyes of family and society. 


Neighbours are shocked and family are chided! Failing to bring Mrs. Sharma to her senses, the entire locality, including her own children and grandchildren, slowly turn against her. She is accused of being selfish, and some even fear that she might be possessed by an evil eye.


Kislay is a freelance filmmaker and a recent alumnus of Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. He has made three shorts and co-written the much acclaimed ‘Soni’ (directed by lvan Ayr). Just Like That’ is his first feature film.

Director's Note: While growing up in Allahabad, a provincial city in the North India, | often heard stories of wayward old women - and these stories were invariably narrated as the subject of great hilarity amongst the family.

However, what happens if that mother figure starts asserting herself? What if the supposed ‘honour’ is made immaterial by the mother herself and not the ‘other’? As rapid urbanization is spreading across the country, the older traditions are being challenged by the new consumer culture. The liberalization of the Indian economy is often misconstrued as the modernization of Indian society, while in fact the exact reverse is taking place. Our culture is becoming increasingly insecure, and as a result also increasingly intolerant and rigid. 


Produced by 

Shwetaabh Singh...producer

Cinematography by 

Saumyananda Sahi

Film Editing by 

Tanushree Das

Production Design by 

Mausam Aggarwal

Yogesh Langyan

Camera and Electrical Department 

Anuj Ujawane...first assistant camera

Costume and Wardrobe Department 

Mausam Aggarwal...wardrobe

Editorial Department 

Bhusam Kiran...colorist

Vikas Verma...Subtitles Editor

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