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IN THEATERS: Shorts Program 1

April 14th, 2022   AFS Cinema 


April 22-25th, 2022

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An Early Spring

India  I 38  mins I Drama, Coming of Age I 2019 I Hindi, Pahari w/

English subtitles

In this subtle and absorbing coming of age film, a young girl, eager to pursue alternate life paths over marriage,  befriends a female backpacker passing through her Himalayan village. Her mother and the other villagers are intrigued and somewhat unsettled by the solo traveller. 


Tensions arises when the yearly crops become infested and the girl's mother believes that this backpacker is stoking her daughter's rebellious ideas. They must all face both the promise and instability of their futures. 

This film plays with SHORTS PROGRAM 1, in theaters and with the FAMILY SHORTS program online. 

NOTE: This film is playing on-demand in our virtual cinema. 

About the Artist

Pramati Anand.jpg

Pramati Anand pursued her Masters in Film & Video from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. Her creative journey revolves around exploring stories, people and places through travel and audio-visual media.

Her masters student productions RUSHNAI (Ink) and ‘AKASHVANI (Voice From The Sky) traveled the festival circuit in India and South Asia. She also completed a short documentary, IN SEACRH OF FIREFLIES, in Suzhou, China as part of an
international youth film project: LOOKING CHINA. The project was screened at Interscreen by Filmart in Serbia, which she attended as a participant of the documentary masterclass - Interdoc. 

Her graduation film, Jhat Aayi Basant (An Early Spring) was an official selection at the International Film Festival, Goa and is currently doing the festival rounds.

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