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Chumbak (The Lottery)

118min | India | Drama | Marathi with English subtitles

4/22/18, 7:15-9:45 pm
Newton Film Poster


Chumbak is a coming-of-age story of a 15year old tablecleaning
waiter-boy in Mumbai, Baalu who is on the crossroads of his aspirations and morals.

Baalu dreams of escaping this wretched life with a small little business of his own, a little sugarcane juice stall near is village’s public Bus-Stand. Having exhausted all means, desperate and broke Baalu along with his street-smart friend Dhananjay a.k.a Disco make a plan to put together the money with the only way they can think of - the infamous ‘Nigerian SMS Scam’. But, of the hundreds expected to respond to his text messages, no one but one man falls for it, a simple poor mentally slow villager called Prasanna.

Caught between his guilt and conscience of fleecing such a man and the greed to fulfill his ambitions, Baalu will now have to make a choice. Chumbak is the story of these choices for Baalu that shall shape his life.




Sandeep Modi is a filmmaker from Mumbai, India. An alumnus of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, Sandeep writes from his growing experiences in the ever-churning belly of Mumbai and its class divide. Giving voice to stories of simple people and their dilemmas, Sandeep's films hold a mirror to its world lost often in the cacophony of its own complexities. Sandeep prefers observing to reading or watching, making his own impression of life around him. His educational short film
‘Best Friends Forever’ won him the prestigious National Film Award, 2015 while his debut short ‘Bilori’ had IDPA giving him the nod for Best Student Film of the year besides being awarded the Golden Pearl at the Hyderabad International Film Festival! An avid advertising film-maker, Chumbak is his debut feature length film.


They say at first we make the choices and then the choices make us. Chumbak is a story about the constant battle within us between ourmoralities and ambitions.


Like two ends of a magnet, pulling us to their own respective ends - poles apart yet two sides to all of us.
Chumbak is an exploration of human nature and the forces that sometimes overcome us and sometime we overcome.



Swanand Kirkire

Sahil Jadhav

Sangram Desai



Facebook Award - NFDC Film Bazaar Recommends Film, 2017


Director - Sandeep Modi

Producer - Naren Kumar

Exec Producer - Mahesh Korade

Co-producers - Sujata Khati Kumar, Shreni Modi

Written by - Saurabh Bhave, Sandeep Modi

Cinematography - Rangarajan Ramabadran

Editing - Chandrashekhar Prajapati

Music - Saket Kanetkar

Lyrics - Omkar Barve

Associate Director - Saurabh Bhave

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