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Counterfeit Kunkoo

India  | 15min |  Hindi with English subtitles

4/21/18, 1:15 pm


'Counterfeit Kunkoo', a project of Catnip Productions, talks about housing discrimination, marital rape and reclaiming one's sexuality. The 15-minute film is an intimate perspective on the idiosyncrasies that come with the misogyny that seeps into our everyday lives.


Reema Sengupta a young writer/director/editor who has directed over 200 narrative films, music videos, commercials, interactive video installations, and after-movies across India, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and the U.S. Sengupta was awarded the prestigious Asian Film Academy Fellowship, where she represented India at the Busan International Film Festival. Reema’s first short film won over 10 awards. She graduated from the University of Westminster, London, with the highest percentage in the media art and design school.


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