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Please be sure to mention in your email:

  • Your name

  • Distribution Company (if applicable)

  • Director's name

  • Film-name

  • About the film, in brief

  • Trailer

For Film makers

We love the filmmakers we work with. It's their genius that we represent and always give them the credit they deserve. Since a lot of attention & effort goes into promoting every single screening we do, we can't do too many films in a year...but we try to do the best we can with each film we take on. If you are an Independent Filmmaker and want to work with us, Indie Meme would love to see your Film to see if we can represent it. Please write to us and let us know about your film.  If possible send us a link to the screener. Do include a trailer, link to the facebook page/website for the film in your first note to us.

If we take on the film then Indie Meme will work with you to promote the film in the best way we can – having boutique releases, making it a part of IMFF, having educational institutes screen the film, screenings with special interest groups etc. There are many ways we can think of to connect you with your audience.

Submit a Film


We need to see the film screener. Know that you are interested. Have you sign a LoI (Letter of Intent) and add the film to our library. Announce it to be available on our website and work on the best strategy for the film. 

The format that is easiest to work with is a Blu Ray. It gives us the greatest flexibility for fixing theaters. It is what we will expect (or a DCP). That said we can work with other formats but with limited exhibitors and it will depend on the film – if we believe in it enough we will work to exhibit it at smaller venues or even work with you to make the Blu Ray.

Indie Meme is striving to give back the maximum possible profit from the revenue to the filmmaker. This means that we are not going to be ‘creating’ any promotional material for the film but working with what you give us. We will need a promo for the film (in blu ray as well as an MP4 or mov file), the press kit (synopsis,directors bio, film poster, crew list, stills, press) and any additional material you can provide. It is highly recommended that your film have some online presence in the form of a website/ facebook page etc for us to share with the potential audience in the US.

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