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Bahadur: The Brave

Narrative Feature

Nepali, Kumaoni, Hindi

North America

In-Person, Virtual


A nationwide lock-down is imposed in India during the coronavirus pandemic. While all Nepalese migrant labourers are boarding the vans to leave for Nepal, Hansi sees this as an opportunity to earn more money for his ailing son in the emerging labour crises. His brother-in-law, Dil Bahadur, offers him illegal work in a godown. One day they find alcohol there that they sneak out for fun. Things take a tragic turn when Dil Bahadur is accused of stealing money instead. Hansi encourages him to leave for Nepal. However, Nepal has closed its border during the pandemic and the migrants have no place to go. Their innocent mischief has led to a tragedy of an irretrievable accord, ignorant of the pawns they have become at the mercy of the bigger powers at play.

Kutxabank New Director’s Award — San Sebastián International Film Festival
Recorded Q&A with Filmmaker Diwa Shah
4/21/24, 3:30 PM
All Badges, Individual Tickets
AFS Cinema


Diwa Shah

Diwa Shah is the recipient of the Kutxabank New Directors Award at the 71st San Sebastián International Film Festival. She has studied Creative Writing from the esteemed Durham University, UK. Bahadur The Brave is her first feature length project that got selected in the WIP Lab by NFDC Film Bazaar and won the Prasad Lab DI award. It world premiered at the 71st San Sebastián International Film Festival and won the Kutxabank New Director’s Award. It also won the Silver Gateway Award at the Jio Mami Mumbai Film Festival. Her second project was selected for the screenwriters lab by NFDC Film Bazaar and is currently under development.

Diwa Shah


Diwa Shah


Diwa Shah


Viraj Zunjarrao


Visvesh Singh Sehrawat, Thomas AjayAbraham


Rupesh Lama, Rahul Mukhia


Modhura Palit, Rakesh KJ, Thomas AjayAbraham

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