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Girls Will Be Girls

Narrative Feature

Hindi, English


Drama, Coming of Age

In a strict boarding school nestled in the Himalayas, 16-year-old Mira discovers desire and romance; but her sexual, rebellious awakening is disrupted by her mother who never got to come-of-age herself.

In-Person Q+A with Filmmaker Shuchi Talati
4/21/24, 11:15 PM
All Badges, Individual Tickets
AFS Cinema

Writer / Director

Shuchi Talati

Shuchi Talati is a filmmaker from India whose work challenges dominant narratives around gender, sexuality, and South Asian identity. Her feature film, Girls Will Be Girls, premiered in competition at Sundance where it won an Audience Award and a Special Jury Award. Girls has been a recipient of Aide Aux Cinémas du Monde and Sørfond grants, and the ArteKINO and VFF Talent Award at the Berlinale Co - Production Market. It has also been selected for Gotham Week, Berlinale Script Station and Cine Qua Non Script Lab. Her short film, Period Piece, about an afternoon of period sex, was selected for SXSW. Mae and Ash won numerous awards before becoming a Vimeo Staff Pick. Shuchi is an alum of Berlinale Talents and her work has also been recognized by the New York State Council for the Arts and Région Île-de-France. She is a graduate of the American Film Institute. She lives in NYC and is a member of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective, the Bitchitra Collective and the Freelance Solidarity Project.

Shuchi Talati


Shuchi Talati


Shuchi Talati


Amrita David


Rikki Agarwal, Eléonore Anselme, Kent Bassett, Rémi Burah, Richa Chadha, Claire Chassagne, Ali Fazal, Sanjay Gulati, Gudny Hummelvoll, Marc Irmer, Alex C. Lo, Tanya Negi, Olivier Père, Dooj Ramchandani, Shuchi Talati


Preeti Panigrahi,
Kani Kusruti, Kesav Binoy Kiron, Kajol Chugh, Nandini Verma, Devika Shahani, Akash Pramanik, Aman Desai, Sumit Sharma, Jitin Gulati, Pratap Singh, Pradeep Kapoor, Neeraj Varma, Ved Amrita, Ahana Malla, Megha Aggarwal, Chiraag Behl, Jatin Sehgal, Samta Goyal, Mamta Chauhan, Tanu Gusain, Kapil Raj


Jih-E Peng, Sneha Khanwalkar, Pierre Oberkampf

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