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Remember Its Flight





A lonely cat in an apartment, watching a pair of doves, learns that there is more in life, called love.

When the dove
Teaches a cat how to love;
Here is the poem
Which the cat repeats to them,
And that’s all:
“Remember its flight
For the bird is mortal”.

5/3/24, 4:00 PM


Sasan Golfar

Born in 1970 in Tehran, Iran, Sasan Golfar earned his BA degrees in Civil Engineering (Polytechnic Tehran) and Drama Acting (Azad University, Tehran) and pursued Cultural Studies courses for his MA (Allameh Tabatabaei, Tehran). He also studied filmmaking in Youth Cinema Society of Iran and served as actor, director assistant, and editor in a number of 35mm, 16mm, and video short films produced by the Youth Cinema Society.

He won a stage acting award in Fajr Student Theatre Festival in 2004 and took on acting roles in Iranian TV series in 2005. As a writer and translator, he has published 14 works, including novels, short stories, and plays with 8 further books to be published in 2023 and 2024. He is a journalist and was the editor of International Cinema in a number of major Iranian newspapers such as Shargh, E'temad and Kargozaran and Tajrobe monthly magazine. He's a film critic and a member of critics Center (Kanoon Montagedan) of Iranian Khane-ye Cinema.

As a director, producer, writer, cinematographer, and editor, he made "The Dream of Being Free", "Andante Innicentemente", "Remember Its Flight", "Sisyphus Childhood", "Call of the Wild". In ُthe spring-summer seasons of 2023 he won 'Best Short Film' in the Pageant Film Festival, India for "The Dream of Being Free", 'Best Narrative Short' in Opi Soulplace Festival, Italy and second place in London Music Video Festival for "Remember Its Flight".

Sasan Golfar


Sasan Golfar


Sasan Golfar



Sasan Golfar



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