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India | 13 MIN. 54 SEC. |Hindi

Virtual IMFF 2020 Screening Details:

Saturday, May 2 2020 |

Screening: 9.45pm - 11.00pm



12-year-old Karan returns home to finds his shower has run dry. As Karan turns the shower tap full to either side, he discovers that with each full turn, time turns back. Karan is at first confused, but then decides to use the glitch in time to diffuse a domestic quarrel between his parents over a lost diamond ring.


He travels back in time to the previous night a few times. But each time his attempt to salvage the situation fails. During one such attempt, the domestic help even ends up dead.


Finally, Karan’s shower sprouts water and his attempts are over. Karan exits his room drenched in water. He presents his mother with her lost ring.­­

Shubham Yogi
shubham yogi .jpg

Shubham Yogi is the director of Glitch. He has worked as a writer, director and assistant director.  

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