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Gulabi Gang

96 minutes / Languages - Hindi (with English Subtitles)
India / Norway/ Denmark (Available for special select screenings in the US starting May 2014)


Enter the badlands of Bundelkhand in central India and you have entered a place of desolation, dust and despair. This film follows the Gulabi Gang, an unusual group of rural women led by the energetic and charismatic Sampat Pal. They travel long distances to fight for the rights of women and Dalits. Often they encounter resistance, apathy and corruption, even ridicule. Sometimes whole villages connive against them to protect the perpetrators of violence. While we see Gulabi Gang members struggling against gender violence and state corruption, we also see the flip side – members getting sucked by the trappings of their new found power. Breaking away from the deep-rooted patriarchal structure is a challenge even for the most fearless amongst them. The film pulls us into the center of these blazing conflicts and uncovers a complex story about the nature of power itself. 

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