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Texas Premiere

Hava, Maryam, Ayesha

Afghanistan I 83 mins I Drama I 2019 I Dari w/ English subtitles

From experienced documentarian & filmmaker, Sahraa Karimi, the first woman in Afghanistan with a PhD in cinema directing, comes the resonant story of three women from different backgrounds; each living in Kabul and facing a pivotal challenge in her life. 

Hava, a traditional pregnant woman is living with in-laws. Her only joy is speaking with the baby in her belly. Maryam, an educated news reporter, is on the verge of divorce with her unfaithful husband when she learns she is pregnant. Ayesha, an 18-year old, agrees to marry a cousin because she carries a hidden pregnancy from a vanished boyfriend.

Each of them has to solve her problem herself for the first time. Karimi's tale, woven with care, narrates the lives of women who haven’t had a voice in years and are now ready to change their destiny.

+ This program includes short film, ANITA

SAT. APRIL 17 - 3:30PM CDT

About the Artist


Born in 1985, Sahraa Karimi comes from the second generation of Afghan refugees in Iran. At the age of fifteen, she was hired to act in two Iranian films, which led her to study cinema in Slovakia and graduate with a PHD in directing. Over the years, she has made 30+ narrative and documentary shorts, which have been awarded in numerous international festivals.

After 10 years of film-making, she returned to Kabul, where she completed two internationally successful documentaries, which were broadcast through ARTE France and BBC. HAVA, MARYAM, AYESHA, her first feature, premiered at the Venice Int'l Film Festival and went on to screen widely at world festivals, including Busan, Cairo, Kolkata, and the Asian World Film Festival. 

As a female filmmaker from Afghanistan, she strives to be a storyteller for her countrywomen who seek to change their lives in a traditional society. 



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Thank you to our community partner(s): the Austin Film Society, and the Austin Film Commission!



Writer/Director:        SAHRAA KARIMI

Producer(s):               SAHRAA KARIMI

                                     KATAYOON SHAHABI

Screenplay:               SAHRAA KARIMI

                                   SAMI HASIB NABIZADA

Cinematographer:      BEHROUZ BADROUJ

Sound Department:   ASQAR ABGOON

                                     MOHAMMAD REZA DELPAK

Editor:                         MASTANEH MOHAJER

Music:                          SABA NEDAEI

                                     ALI TAVAKOLI





Additional Crew 

Prod. Managers:    AHMAD SHAH SULTANI

                                SAMI HASIB NABIZADA

Asst. Director:        MOHAMMAD (KAVEH) AYREEK

Set Designer:         SAKINEH GHOLAMALI

Make-up Design:   MARYAM FAQIRZADA

Still Photography: MOHAMAD AQEEL PAYEEZ 

Investor:                 AHMAD SHAH SULTANI

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