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Volunteer for Indie Meme

Volunteer for Us

We're always looking for help, especially as we put on our big event of the year. There are many ways you can help us out - spread the word, become a member, attend our events! But if you're looking for a way to become part of the Indie Meme family, or want hands-on experience in learning what it takes to put an ENTIRE film festival together - let us know!
Volunteer for the Organization
Volunteers are the backbone of the festival and IMFF is possible thanks to an army of such volunteers. Volunteer for IMFF and get an up close and personal experience of the festival. Meet interesting people, make new friends, connect with international filmmakers. Volunteers are required to attend atleast one volunteer orientation pre-festival. Perks include tickets to all films being screened and an opportunity to attend our Member Mixers and Film-maker events.
Host a Pre-Party
Please note our availability is online only and restricted due to COVID-19
Host a Chai & Samosa party or a Wine & Cheese party and have our team come and pitch the festival to your friends / co-workers / neighbors - it's a great intro and overview of Indie Meme that you get to host. We love meeting new communities, telling them about our programming, and hearing what they want to see more of.

Write to us at for dates and other logistics. 
Venues - home . office . club house.
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