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Weds. April 12th @ 6:15PM
AFS Cinemas
Online April 28 - May 1



USAI  20  mins I Drama I Short I 2021 I English 

Live Q&A w/ Texas-local director, Prithvi Raj Karreddula & award-winning composer Mickey J. Meyer


After waking up and finding his wife and baby missing, a worried husband seeks help from community members. 

About the Artist


Prithvi Raj Karreddula is a Dallas filmmaker from Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He's been a writer and director for both English and Telugu films since 2017. He also possesses a handful of additional skills in film production such as cinematography, editing, and music composition.

Prithvi Raj is most known for his short films "Audible Frequency" (2021), "Humans" (2019) and "Bhoomi" (2021).



Mickey J. Meyer is an Indian composer and singer known for his works predominantly in Telugu Cinema. He has received two Filmfare Awards South, and three state Nandi Awards for 'Best Music Direction'.


An alumnus of Trinity College of Music, Meyer started his career in 2005 and composed music for films such as HAPPY DAYS (2007), KOTHA BANGARU LOKAM (2008) LEADER (2010) and A Aa (2016).




Writer/Director:       Prithvi Raj Karreddula        

Producer(s):              Gopal Bala

                                  Prithvi Raj Karreddula

                                  Mark Ragunton

                                  Kiran Reddy Jinna

Cinematography:     Mark Ragunton

1st AD:                      Jazzie Dash

2nd AD:                    Thomas Farmer

Sound:                      Tyler Cardwell

                                  Cameron Hazelwood

                                  Morgan Honaker

                                  Dawood Tafsir

                                  Benjamin Wilbanks

Cast:                      Sri Chilukuri

                               Corey Pratt 

                               Raymund C. King

                               Cody Hallford

                               Anna Antonia

                               Hunter Edens

                               Sasha Singh

                               Carlos Manuel Cadena

                               Raviteja Cherughattu

                               Newsha Sadri

                               Ryan Ehlmann

Hair & Make-Up:      Alexis Fernandez

Composer:               Mickey J. Meyer


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