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Made in Bangladesh

Denmark, France, Bangladesh, Portugal | Fiction | Drama |

2019 |95 min| Bangla; English subtitles

Virtual Screening:

Friday, October 30th 2020   |   

Screening: 7.00pm - 8.45pm

Post Screening Q&A at 8.45pm

Zoom Q&A with Film-maker Rubaiyat Hossain


Shimu, 23, works in a clothing factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Faced with difficult conditions at work, she decides to start a union with her co-workers. Despite threats from the management and disapproval of her husband, Shimu is determined to go on. Together the women must fight and find a way.

Made in Bangladesh had its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the artistic director of TIFF Cameron Bailey mentioned the main character of the film as "She is the Norma Rae we need now".


Writing for Cinema Scope, Dana Reinoos described the film as "a vision of feminist solidarity in the face of overwhelming opposition" while Jordan Mintzer of The Hollywood Reporter called it "an earnest if sometimes schematic portrait of social rebellion' and wrote that it "definitely deserves wider attention."

The film won the Premio Interfedi Award at the Torino Film Festival, the Audience Award at the African Diaspora Film Festival, and the Norwegian Peace Film Award at the Tromsø International Film Festival. (sourced from Wikipedia)

Rubaiyat Hossain

Rubaiyat Hossain is a Bangladeshi film director, writer and producer. She is notable for the films Meherjaan (2011), Under Construction (2015) and Made in Bangladesh (2019).


Inspired by the works of Satyajit Ray, Hossain pursued her interest in cinema and completed a diploma in film direction at New York Film Academy in 2002. She has also completed a B. A. in women studies from Smith College, and an M. A. in South Asian studies from the University of Pennsylvania and M. A. in Cinema Studies from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in the United States. Her primary fields of interest are Sufism, Bengali nationalism, formation of Bengali modernity and its correlation with female sexuality. (sourced from Wikipedia)

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