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IN THEATERS: Shorts Program 2

April 17th, 2022   AFS Cinema


April 22-25th, 2022    Eventive


Mono No Aware 7.jpeg

Mono No Aware

India  I 20  mins I Coming of Age, I 2021 I Hindi w/

English subtitles

Poorna, a 10-year-old girl in suburban Mumbai, wakes up to her routine morning and a sense that something in her home has changed and shifted..


As the day progresses with a school outing, she visits an old hill and an old age home. She becomes absorbed in ‘Mono no Aware’ - a Buddhist word for ‘watching the passing’, as she discovers the bittersweet circus of life - the ephemeral nature of all things bad or beautiful. 

This film plays with SHORTS PROGRAM 2, in theaters and with the BEYOND THE END OF THE WORLD program online. 

NOTE: This film is coming to theaters and our virtual cinema.  

About the Artist

Koushik Sarkar Director's Photo.jpg

Koushik grew up in Krishnanagar, a historic small town at the border of two Bengals. He studied photography and then film direction at National Institute of Design, a school set up by legendary Charles and Ray Eames in Ahmedabad, India.

An apprenticeship at the World Wide Video Centre, The Netherlands, exposed Koushik to the video art scene of the late nineties. The experience of working with many pioneering artists laid the foundation for his expression.  Back home, he made documentaries that were shown at international festivals including ‘FLYING IN A BLUE DREAM’ a film on ‘guitar God’ Joe Satriani, which was published worldwide by Sony BMG & Epic Records.

He started APOPSTROPHE, one of India's most reputed companies for advertising & commercials, in 2007. The company has produced commercials for Gillette, Amazon, Dell, Livon, and many more. KALI Collective, a content development company, is his new venture focusing mainly on narrative projects.



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