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IN THEATERS: Shorts Program 1

April 14th, 2022   AFS Cinema


April 22-25th, 2022   Eventive


Moshari Still 1 - Sunerah Binte Kamal as Apu.png

NOTE: This film is coming to theaters and our virtual cinema.  


Bangladesh  I 21  mins I Horror, Coming of Age I 2022 I Bengali w/

English subtitles

When the world is overrun with bloodthirsty creatures, the last of mankind persevere in Dhaka, Bangladesh by spending their nights inside the moshari—the traditional South Asian mosquito net and only known shelter from the unknown threat.


Two sisters, Apu and Ayra, must navigate this strange new world to survive. However, their strained relationship is becoming as much of a threat as the dangers outside. 


One night, when Ayra’s curiosity lures her outside the safety of the moshari, Apu must rise to the occasion—as they face their demons, together.

This film plays with SHORTS PROGRAM 1, in theaters and with the BEYOND THE END OF THE WORLD program online. 

About the Artist

Nuhash Humayun.jpeg

Bangladeshi writer/director Nuhash Humayun has an undying love for blending genres with South-Asian identity politics. He is the first Bangladeshi Fellow of the Sundance Feature Film Program.

Ranging from comedy drama to horror, his credits include the anthology SINCERELY YOURS, DHAKA (World Premiere at Busan, acquired by Netflix) and the short film MOSHARI (World Premiere at SXSW).
Nuhash’s upcoming feature, MOVING BANGLADESH, has received support from the Sundance Screenwriting Intensive, Film Independent, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Cannes Marche du Film & Locarno Open Doors.

Nuhash is also a Film Direction alumni of the Asian Film Academy and a fellow of the Film Independent/Holywood Foreign Press Association Residency.

Moshari Still 2 - Apu and Ayra must get home before sunset.png


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