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Pappu ki Pugdandi

Sunday, September 6th 2015 | 2:30pm
Southwest Theaters - Lake Creek - Austin TX

India — 2014 – 116 mins | In Marathi, Hindi, English & Gujarati with English subtitles

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Pappu, a young boy from a lower middle class family
living in scenic Manali, felt fortunate enough to get admitted in the prestigious school of his town. But his excitement proved to be short-lived as he started having adjustment issues in his new school. His rich classmates made fun of his humble background and looked down upon the innovative toys and gadgets that he made from waste with the help of his jobless engineer father. The child continued to suffer silently until one day when he came face to face with a Genie in his tree house. Genie indeed had some magical powers at his disposal! Pappu feels that all his troubles are going to be over now, but the Genie expresses his inability, saying that magic is not something permanent and Pappu should work hard.

To encourage a disappointed Pappu, Genie tells him that there are so many ways to become popular and there are all types of heroes in this world. If you look around you will find a way but first look within. Ask yourself what you are good at... What special skill you possess and then think how you can use them to help people. Papua ki pugdandi is an adventurous, magical and logical journey that thrills! Pappu realizes there are no shortcuts to happiness and he identifies his own strength.

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

Sunday, September 6th 2015 | 2:30pm

Southwest Theaters - Lake Creek
13729 Research Blvd #1500
Austin, Texas 78750



Seemaa Desai has studied advertising and ad film making and is trained semi classical dancer, started her career as assistant director at B.R films (B.R.Chopra) one of the leading production houses making feature films,celebrity ad films and pioneers in television soaps. She was assisting Mr Ravi Chopra went on to direct their daily soap Aurat and few prestigious ad films under B.R ADS BANNER.

Combining her direction and dancing skills together she turned independent choreographer in 2005 and went on choreograph for film makers Madhur Bhandarkar ,Rohit Shetty ,and other known directors

She directed and produced a few short films including
Bolrikatputli -2007
Aambachcha -2010


 ‘AamBachcha’ (Winner of Global Film Children Festival Noida 2010)

Feeling out of place in a new school is something we have all seen or experienced at some point. In ‘Pappu Ki Pugdandi’ the protagonist goes through this universal situation and the language barrier makes matters even worse. 

Overcoming these hurdles and making new bonds in a strange place is a challenging task but it also helps children rediscover themselves and their special qualities and strengths.  

‘Pappu Ki Pugdandi’ is about that nudge or magical touch which a child needs to bring out the unique talent that makes every child special. Pappukipugdandi gives out a message there is no substitute forhardwork and dedication. It is the only path to reach your dreams and achieve success.

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