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Texas Premiere

Pari of Pokhara

Nepal I 23 mins I Drama I 2019 I Nepalese w/ English subtitles

Pari is a young Nepalese woman, an aspiring actress and gifted dancer. She lives in a claustrophobic run-shack in Pokhara with few prospects for the future.  

When she befriends a charming Indian theatre actor, Abhinash, it seems her Bollywood dreams may be in reach. He coaches Pari in her acting and expands her world as they explore the surrounding lakes & mountains.


However, Abhinash is secretly a part of a human trafficking network, sending pictures of Pari to his  handlers. As the relationship deepens, he becomes conflicted about his actions and power over her future.  

+ Screens with SHORTS PROGRAM 4: True to You


SUN. APRIL 25 - 3:00PM CT

About the Artist


Babar Ali is a Pakistani filmmaker, living and working in Dubai. Many of his previous films centered on women’s issues, especially in the developing world where people are vulnerable to conditions caused by poverty and inequality.

He started to research human trafficking when mentoring a young student doing a project on the subject. He found the statistics staggering: an estimated 5,000 – 10,000 women trafficked from Nepal to India alone each year. Human trafficking earns global profits of ~ $150 billion for traffickers.


PARI OF POKHARA is the first original production of IYMS Films, the production company of the International Youth Media Summit . The annual IYMS brings together filmmakers from all over the world to create media that inspires young people to challenge the issues destroying the peace and well-being of their societies. It's his hope that PARI OF POKHARA will give a human face to this global tragedy and bring awareness to this issue.

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Thank you to our community partner(s) for this screening: the Austin Film Society, and the Austin Film Commission!

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Writer/Director:     BABAR ALI

Editor:                     BABAR ALI

Producer(s):            MASHOOR ABDELF TOUH FAWZY

                                SAPAN HAMAL

                                EVELYN SEUBERT

                                BABAR ALI                               






Prod. Design:    AQIB JAFRY        

Asst. Director:    AQIB JAFRY 

Cinematography:  ASIR AHMED KHAN


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