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SUNDAY Nov 15, 5:00PM
The Marchesa Hall & Theatre, Austin, TX

2014/ India/ Documentary / 96 minutes / Hindi & English with English subtitles

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Indie Meme is tying up with the Austin Asian American Film Festival to present the documentary PLACEBO, an observation of the lives of medical students for an entire year. 


At one of India’s most prestigious and competitive medical colleges, a disturbing pattern of violence and aggression amongst the elite student body prompts filmmaker Abhay Kumar to examine its root cause. Armed with a handycam, he situates himself amidst the wearied walls and hallways of the dormitory and observes the lives of 4 students over the course of a year.

Watching PLACEBO will remind many viewers of their own student days–acquiring knowledge, grasping for connection, disillusionment, seeking a role in life. There are philosophical discussions and profound discoveries reached in late-night sleep-deprived delirium, intercut with moments of intimate confession that slowly reveal a haunting window into these gifted young minds. Deeply affecting and brutally honest, PLACEBO dramatically confronts difficult issues such as hazing, discrimination, and depression that too often plagues the pursuit of prestige.

PRODUCER/EDITOR/ANIMATOR:  Archana Phadke (In Attendance)

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