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Sagar Manav

13mins / Short Narrative /India


A society that runs on rich dreams often looks over the hardships of the working class. There are a few people who choose not to climb this ladder and instead watch the battle for rich dreams unfold in front of them. Almost as if they are spectators, standing on blood shed, in the war between the mighty gladiators.
To earn bread and butter, a working class man gives all his life to work. His dream of becoming rich fades away as he succumbs to the problems at home and work. He is churned till the age of 60 and he is then forced to leave the mess he understood as life.   

Chaman Bhai Charlie is a man full of life, the charmer in a crowd. He is also a lighthouse attendant at Samiyani, a small island located in the Gulf of Kutch. The island spreads across a length of 1 km and is situated 2 kilometers away from Okha Port. Every evening, for 15 days, he sees the lights shimmer at the Okha Port as he goes to sleep. After 15 days he heads home and another man comes in place of him at the island. But his struggle continues, in Lighthouse headquarters at Okha,  and his home in Dwarka. 




Tanumoy Bose is a post-graduate film student from National Institute of Design, India. He is also directing ad films, music videos and documentaries and is currently based in Mumbai. His interest lies in exploring the loneliness of human existence. He is of the belief though, that an artist's job is not to succumb to the despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of human existence. ​

Production credits:

Director - Tanumoy Bose
Guide - Arun Gupta
Cinematographer - Athul SN, Jitesh Mhetre
Editor - Tanumoy Bose and Madhuri ravishankar
Story of - Chaman Bhai Charlie
Additional Cinematography- Sandeep Raj

Previous Screenings:
Best Student Documentary – Jeevika Film Festival (2015)
Best Short Documentary – International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala (2015)
Special Award for Sincerity and Poetic Image – Baikal International Film Festival, Russia (2015)
Best Documentary – International Film Festival of Trissur (2016)
Jury Commendation- Toto Awards, Bangalore (2016)
Nominated – SIGNS Film Festival (2015)
Nominated – All Lights International Film Festival (2015) 
Nominated – Vasakh Documentary Film Festival, Pakistan (2015)
Nominated – Film South Asia, Nepal (2015)
Nominated – Kolkata International Film Festival (2015)
Nominated -- Mumbai International Film Festival, National Category (2016)
Screening - Films Division, Mumbai
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