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Saving Chintu

India | 24 MIN. 44 SEC. |Hindi, English Subtitles

Virtual Screening Details: "Shorts Showcase"

Sunday, Nov 8 2020 |

Screening: 7.00pm

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An American-Indian gay couple travels to India to adopt a child living with HIV in an Indian orphanage. Will the couple be able to cope up with the cultural challenges in India?

Sam and Oliver are a gay couple who travel all the way from the United States to India to adopt Chintu The little boy is infected with HIV and lives in an orphanage. However, there are bumps on the road as India’s adoption rules do not favour same sex couples, which acts as a deterrent to complicate the situation. Sam seeks the help of his close friend Meera to cross the hurdle. This leads to a misunderstanding with Oliver who feels left out. Simultaneously, we are introduced to Dr. Sanjay and his wife Asha who consider adoption to make their family complete. Will Sam and Oliver be able to overcome the obstacles they face? And will Chintu be saved and get a loving home to experience the bliss of parental love? That’s the answer we look for in the film.

Kabeer Khurana
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Tushar Tyagi is an Indian born and raised filmmaker. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering and a degree in Directing and Filmmaking From a very early age, he realised he wanted to tell stories, and show life as art and art as life . For detailed biography and filmography please see the directer's IMDB profile -

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