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Tale of Rising Rani

India | Fiction | Drama | 2019  | 122 MIN. |Hindi; English Subtitles

Virtual IMFF 2020 Screening Details:

Saturday, May 2 2020 |

Screening: 7.00pm - 9.45pm

North America Premiere

Zoom Q&A with filmmaker Prakash Saini

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A lovely coming-of-age story that centers courage and friendship even as it tackles underage marriages, the "khaap" panchayats and the court system in rural India.


‘Tale Of Rising Rani’ targets the sensitive topics of underage marriage, the lack of education and simultaneously on the false justice systems or “councils” managing these rural areas even today. Currently focusing on the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, in a village called ‘Pampu’ and the local language used is ‘Brij’, where this “trend” of underage marriage is highly popular, the director ‘Prakash Saini’ has exquisitely expressed his views on the above topics from this tale.


Our story depicts the life of a young village girl ‘Rani’, they type that is immovable when it comes to protecting her own, no matter the force approaching and the one who will not shy going against all odds for the right, truly one of her kind.



As this beautiful story unfolds we see in detail the hardships faced by these young girls. The physical and mental torture they are put through, and the smile that they fake while going through such atrocities, and succumbing to them with the only intention of pleasing their families. One of the most dangerous phrases ever said, “this is how we have been doing things...”

With Special Thanks to our Community Partner:
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Prakash Saini

‘Prakash Saini’ made his debut as a director with ‘Meri Padosan’ (My Neighbour) in 2009, a pure comedy film, where we see the lengths that a man will go to win a contest. With a tunnel vision towards winning, he is willing to breach all of his neighbours’ personal boundaries to win. 

Followed by another comedy film, fused with a little action in 2014, ‘Chal Bhaag’ (Let’s Run), a film where tragedy meets coincidence, where 3 not so innocent men are framed for a murder of a local politician. They try to escape, they succeed and are now on the run. ‘Prakash Saini’ came from a small village with no filmmaking background or experience.


Fortunate enough to land a lot of work initially to his debut and working tediously, he made his way and was offered to direct the above mentioned films. Coming back with a topic that he felt needed dire attention, and the concerns of it ascending rapidly he chose to make his debut as a Writer & Director with ‘Tale Of Rising Rani’.

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