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Streaming April 28-May 1st, 2023
On Filmocracy


US I India I 18 mins I Docu-Hyrbid I 2021 I English, Urdu

 w/ English subtitles

Official Selection of DOCNYC, CAAM Fest, IFFLA, Dharamshala IFF


'Grand Jury Award' - Seattle Asian American Film Festival


A writer-director struggles with her profound sense of loss after the sudden death of her father, who dies while visiting his homeland of India. Hena wrestles with coming to terms with their strained relationship the only way she knows how: making a film.

About the Artist

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Hena Ashraf is a writer-director who creates character-based multi-layered narratives, showing how truly connected we all are with the specific being universal, focusing primarily on stories about migrants and migrant life, as migration is such a common, while disruptive, experience.


Born in London to Bihari Muslim working-class parents from India, she spent her early years in the United Kingdom before immigrating to America.


Hena’s work has been supported by the Brooklyn Arts Council, Tribeca Film Institute, the Islamic Scholarship Fund, the Norris Foundation, BAFTA Los Angeles, MPAA, Wasserman, the Adrienne Shelly Foundation, an ISF National Film Grant, Telluride FilmLAB, the Caucus Foundation, Tasveer Film Fund, and more.


Her films have screened at Outfest, Dharamshala, DOC NYC, and dozens of more festivals. Hena has an MFA in Film Directing from UCLA and is based in Los Angeles.


The_Return_Still_12 (1)_edited.jpg




Writer/Director:        Hena Ashraf


Producer(s):              Kajri Akhtar

                                  Hena Ashraf

                                  Mo Hussain

                                  Tejas Karguppikar

                                  Yugandhara Muthukrishnan

                                  Linda Nhem

                                  Christelle Zeinoun

Film Editor(s):           Georgia Fu

                                  Esther Shubinski

                                  Hena Ashraf



Featured Cast:        Roshni Shukla

                                 Shurud Shanto

                                 Aishveryaa Nidhi

                                 Ahana Paul

                                 Shrey Tomar

                                 Amartya Paul

Art Director:            Denver Kotian

Costume Designer:  Keelin Quigley

Make-Up:                  Oasis Nguyen


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