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A film by Khaula Malik


2021 | USA | 10 mins  

Outside Washington, DC in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, Waleed Malik, a middle-aged Pakistani immigrant becomes fascinated by a  mysterious glowing orb outside his 12th-floor apartment window. Meanwhile, Riffat Malik, his wife, has been seeing the orb for a year and believes it’s a UFO sent from outer space. It’s 2020, and millions of people around the world are confined to their homes in government-sanctioned lockdowns to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

In this possible documentary about possible aliens, a Pakistani couple in quarantine bicker and ruminate about extraterrestrial and terrestrial border-crossings of multiple kinds. There Was Nobody Here We Knew is as much about finding answers as it is about looking inward to understand how we arrived to where we are at and where we are headed. 

White Brick Wall