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IN THEATERS: Shorts Program 2

April 17th, 2022   

Venue: AFS Cinema

Turning Point 3.png

Turning Point

India I 17  mins I Romance, Drama I 2022 I Hindi w/

English subtitles

When an immigrant father on a work visa in the US has too much to drink at a neighborhood party, he learns how dire the consequences could be for his family. 

This Texas-local project was was filmed entirely using an iPhone with a largely self-taught crew. 

This film plays with SHORTS PROGRAM 2, in theaters. 

NOTE: This film is coming only to theaters.   

About the Artist

Rakhesh Raveendran.jpeg

Rakhesh Raveendran is a business professional and self-taught local filmmaker who has also served as President of the Greater Austin Malayalee Association.


His short film, TURNING POINT, was shot on iPhone with a largely debut crew and inspired by the experiences of immigrants on work visas. 

Turning Point 1.png
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