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Streaming April 28-May 1st, 2023
On Filmocracy

What Are You Searching For?

India I 35 mins I Drama I 2022 I Hindi w/ English subtitles

Official Selection of South Asian International Film Festival, NYC


Living in a small village in Himachal, Jyotsana is still in denial of her husband’s demise. The seperation and longing for her husband keeps her detached from her child. Her endless search for her husband prove futile everytime and the turmoil of living a life between the past and the present make her more hostile towards motherhood.

About the Artist

Princy Pal Director

Princy Pal is filmmaker based out of Delhi. She is an alumnus of the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, 2019, where she completed a postgraduate degree in cinema, specializing in direction and screenwriting.


During coursework at SRFTI, Pal created fiction and non-fiction shorts, both within the scope of curriculum and outside of it with independent grants.

WHAT ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR?, Pal's final diploma project in SRFTI, is currently on the festival circuit. 

In addition to her own projects, Pal worked with Karan Manchandani and Rattindaran Prasad on their upcoming films. She is currently working on an independent documentary feature film, MY SHEPHERD. 

Pal's is deeply interested in exploring film as a medium of narrative, non-narrative, imagery, sound, and vision that can transcend the world of the audience's experience. Pal also has hobbies in photography, creative writing, and music.


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Writer/Director:        Princy Pal


Producer(s):              Ruchika Gupta

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