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U.S Premiere

Zindagi Tamasha (Circus of Life)

Pakistan I 138 mins I Drama I 2019 I Urdu w/ English subtitles

A devout Muslim who writes, composes, and even records hymns praising the Prophet, Rahat is a respected elderly man who works in real estate and takes care of his bedridden wife. But as he prepares for the annual celebration of Prophet Muhammed's birthday in Lahore, Pakistan, a trivial exposé from his private life becomes an internet sensation, calling into question his piety, respect, & sexuality - turning his life into a public circus. .


Chaos begins to invade his quiet life. Other than his wife, no one sympathizes with Rahat's circumstances. His daughters and neighbors criticize him, his friends turn their backs. The film provides a calm, detailed picture of the challenging search for identity in a strict religious society through an elderly man who gradually comes to realize his own "minority" qualities. 

SUN. APRIL 25 - 6:30PM CT

About the Artist


Sarmad Sultan Khoosat is a Pakistani director, actor, producer and screenwriter best known for his feature films: MANTO (which received tremendous acclaim internationally) and ZINDAGI TAMASHA (which won the top prize at the Busan International Film Festival and became Pakistan's official submission for the 93rd Academy Awards. )


 With a career spanning 20+ years, Sarmad has directed some of South Asia's most celebrated TV series, such as HUMSAFAR and SHEHR-E-ZAAT. 

In 2016, he was awarded the prestigious Pride of Performance Medal (the highest civilian award conferred by the President of Pakistan) for his outstanding contribution to Pakistan's Film & TV industry. 

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Thank you to our community partner(s): Project, Pakistan, the Austin Film Society, and the Austin Film Commission!



Writer/Director:          SARMAD SULTAN KHOOSAT

Producer(s):                 IRFAN KHOOSAT

                                     KANWAL KHOOSAT

                                     SARMAD SULTAN KHOOSAT

Editor(s):                      NADEEM ABBAS

                                     NIRMAL BANO

                                     SARMAD SULTAN KHOOSAT


ARIF HASSAN as 'Rahat Khawaja'

SAMIYA MUMTAZ as "Farkhanda'


ALI KURESHI as "Danish

Additional Crew 

Sound Department:   FAIZ ZAIDI

                                     ANSER SOOMRO

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