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Ship of Theseus

143 minutes / Languages - English, Hindi, Arabic, Swedish (with English Subtitles) / India / North America release 2014


Ship of Theseus is a 2012 Indian drama film written and directed by Anand Gandhi, and produced by actor Sohum Shah. The film explores "questions of identity, justice, beauty, meaning and death through the stories of an experimental photographer, an ailing monk and an enterprising stockbroker".The title of the film alludes to Theseus’ paradox, most notably recorded in Life of Theseus, wherein the Greek philosopher Plutarch inquires whether a ship that has been restored by replacing all its parts remains the same ship.The film opens with a visually impaired and celebrated photographer in the process of undergoing a cornea transplant that will restore her vision. Though the surgery is a success and Aaliya’s vision is restored, she has trouble adjusting to her newfound sense of sight...The second story is of an erudite monk, who is part of a petition to ban animal testing in India. When he is diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, his reluctance towards medication is questioned and he must now depend on the people he’s been fighting against ...And the final story is of a very young stockbroker who just had his kidney transplanted. He soon learns of a case of kidney tourism involving an impoverished bricklayer. His initial fear is that his new kidney originally belonged to this man...These three stories were developed by Writer/Director Anand Gandhi, addressing the idea of the self, change and death.

A Film By Anand Gandhi




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