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Barley Fields On The Other Side Of The Mountain

4/21/18, 10:30am-12:30 pm

2017 / 115 min / UK, India / Tibetan / Drama

Newton Film Poster


Sixteen-year-old Pema lives in the remote mountains of Tibet. For generations, her family has farmed their barley fields in peace. But when the Chinese authorities take Pema’s father away, her world is
shattered. A Buddhist nun from the local nunnery walks into Pema’s life and invites her to join a group of locals escaping Chinese persecution by walking over the Himalayas and into India. Pema is torn: Can she leave her mother, grandmother, and younger siblings at her time of crisis? Does she have the right - or the courage - to join her friend and seek a new life for herself? As Pema struggles with this
dilemma, there is no news about her imprisoned father. The clock is ticking, for everyone. Told through the eyes of a teenage girl, Barley Fields On The Other Side Of The Mountain is a film about the price of freedom and who pays for it. Shot entirely on location in the Himalayas with a non-professional cast, it is directed by a Chinese filmmaker determined to give a voice to the oppressed people of Tibet through a universal story about the love of parents for their children.




Born and raised in China, Tian Tsering enrolled in the MA Filmmaking at the London Film School in 2012 where he specialised in Cinematography. He has since shot a numbers of short films that have circulated in film festivals worldwide. Barley Fields On The Other Side Of The Mountain is Tian’s directorial debut feature film which has taken him 7 years to complete.

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