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India  |  Feature  |  2h 8min  |Fiction  |Hindi/Gujarati with English subtitles

4/22/18, 10:00am-12:15pm
Note: Free screening, please register on the Ticket Page
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Dhh is a heartwarming story  of 3 friends  (Gungun,  Bajrang  & Vakil) and their journey towards realising their true potential.


An afternoon of sauntering leads  them  to a magic  show and leaves  them awestruck.  Magic, it seems  is a solution  for all their  problems  including mathematics !


The  boys  write  to  the  Magician   asking   him  for  a  trick  to  ace  their examinations. Days  go  by  and  times  get  tougher with  punishments at school and warnings  at home.


All hope is lost, but one fine day the Magician replies! His letter arrives with a parcel that claims to hold the key to cracking  their examinations.


Can this be true? In pursuit of learning from magic Gungun  and his friends soon realise, that there is a lot more learning to be done from life itself.





Manish Saini graduated from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in 2009, specializing in Film and Video Communication. It is here  that  he discovered and channelized his  love  for story  telling  into  crafting  films. He  is inspired by the nuances of daily  life and  has  an  eye  for  seeing  whimsy  and  splendour in  the seemingly ordinary  and  mundane happenings around  him. He sees  cinema  as a mirror  to real  life, his  work so far presents characters and  humdrum situations through the lens of humour  and irony. He aspires  to tell stories  that  are rooted  in Indian  life and  have  a  mass  appeal  but  at  the  same  time  are  equally  thought provoking. Manish’s  student work has  won awards  and  was showcased in many Indian Film Festivals.


Manish  founded  ‘Amdavad Films’ in 2016 with the intent  of realising the project “Dhh”.  The   production   house    was   founded    in   collaboration   with   young entrepreneurs who consist  of writers, visualisers, cinematographers, editors, animators and  production designers. Amdavad films aims  to contribute to the growth of Gujarati Cinema.


Childhood  is not just a time or a phase  in our lives but rather  a place in our minds that  we often revisit.  The story  of ‘Dhh’ hopes  to take its audience on a nostalgic journey to the days of innocence and unquestioned faith. It is dedicated to all those who as kids believed that magic can truly solve the bigger problems  in life.


The film tries to convey that a true victory is when you find happiness and not when you score 99/100 and that real success is when you make progress and not just stand 1st in class.


Life is an addition of many small instances that  seem insignificant, but time often adds them up to teach us immeasurable lessons. The process  of learning from life is --w-he-re-t-he -m-ag-ic -h-ap-pe-ns-,- th-is-s-to-ry-a-spi-re-s -to m-agnify this magical experience.


Director & Writer - Manish Saini

Story - Aditya Vikarm Sengupta & Manish Saini

Director of Photography - Prahlad Gopakumar

Editor - Niraj Voralia

Music - Meghdhanush

Lyrics - Juzar Shabbir

Sound Designer - Bishwadeep Dipak Chatterjee
Background Music - Sagar Desai
Sync Sound - Jitamitra Jena
Executive Producer - Ajay Kannaujiya
Production Designer - Pritesh Maru
Costume Designer - Ganesh Ghani
Production Head - Aniruddh Rahevar
Dialogue - Parth Trivedi, Ninad Parikh & Manish Saini

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