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Goopi Gawaiyya Bagha Bajaiyya

Animated.Hindi with English subtitles. 78 minutes


Goopi & Bagha are two wise fools, one lives to sing and the other to play the drum. Despite their acute ineptness, their passion for music knows no bounds.

When the villagers cannot bear to listen to them anymore, both are banished to the same forest. Here, Goopi & Bagha encounter each other and their fates become entwined for life. A strong and immediate bond is forged by the two hapless souls, both in search of connoisseurs of their musical craft. 

They sing and play together to celebrate their newfound friendship only to be surrounded by melancholic ghosts who they manage to enchant with their peculiar musical talent. As a gift, they acquire four boons from the king of ghosts, using these they can always be well fed, transport themselves anywhere in an instant and mesmerize anyone with their music, albeit only together and in ‘jugalbandi’. One boon is still owed to them, this would be granted by the ghost king when they need to use it. 

And thus begins the extraordinary adventure of Goopi & Bagha...

Saturday Sept 19, 2015    |    2:30pm
Southwest Theaters - Lake Creek
13729 Research Blvd #1500, Austin, Texas 78750

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Listen to Tripti Bhatnagar talk about "The World of Goopi and Bagha" on Radio Azad


Shilpa Ranade is an associate professor at the Industrial Design Center at IIT Mumbai. She did her M.Phil at the Royal College of Art in London. She has been a lecturer in the Audio Visual Unit at the Tata Institute of Social Science. There she was involved in the making of educational videos on social issues and teaching communication through graphic design to students of social sciences.

I first encountered Goopi Gayne Bagha Bayne in the form of Ray’s classic film from the 60’s. This enduring film had a timeless charm that drew me to watch it repeatedly over the years. The film was based on the original writing by his grandfather Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury and has seen countless retellings and versions; several of these were brilliantly illustrate bringing the story immediately to life. The story was thus embedded in my mind as a jigsaw of the many images associated with it, each equally powerful and evocative.

My work as a book illustrator brought me a version of this classic to illustrate. As exciting as the prospect of doing this was, it seemed equally daunting. It was almost impossible to come close to the absolute magic of the imagery that came with the story. Yet along the way the intimidating prospect of re visualizing and retelling a classic turned into an exciting engagement with what my own interpretation of the story was. While illustrating the book the thought crossed my mind that the story was given to the moving image and could be transformed into a wonderful animated film, it was an idea story with its delightful everyday characters mixed with high fantasy, traversing a path full of exhilarating adventure.

The images for the book came from a legacy of old woodcuts and printmaking, these were intense and dark. For the film they underwent yet another transformation and took on a quirky, twisted, feel, creating a world that is peopled with idiosyncratic characters in equally improbable settings. The story recalls the original but builds around its skeleton with many new details unfolding layer by layer, spring boarding and spiraling skyward from the narrative where our two blundering yet lovable musician protagonists meet ghosts, obtain boons, avert, wars, marry princesses and help the common people live happily ever after.

Toronto International Film Festival - 2013

Bhusan International Film Festival - 2013

Asia Pacific Screen Awards - 2014

18 Golden Elephant- ICFFI - 2013

Mumbai Film Festival (MAMI) - 2013

Dubai Film Festival - 2013

ASIFA ( International Animated Film Association). - 2014

Best Animation Film  - FICCI -2014

CMS International Children’s Film Festival –  April 2014 , India

Chicago International Movies and Music Festival, USA – May - 2014

London Indian Film Festival – July 2014

Stuttgart Indian Film Festival – July 2014

Trinidad + Tabago Film Festival, Spain -2014

Lucas International Kids Film Festival -2014

Anifest India 2014, India , August 2014

Puchon Student Film Festival, Korea 2014


Jury Prize for Best Art work @ 18 Golden Elephant, ICFFI

Best Animation Film In the Professional Category @ ASIFA 

Best Animation Feature Film @ FICCI BAF, India

Best Animation Feature Film @ CMS international Children’s Film Festival -2014 , India


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