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2023 Jury & Audience Awards

Indie Meme is proud to announce the winners of our 2023 Jury & Audience Choice Awards. Read more about our esteemed jury of artists, filmmakers, academics, and leaders here: Meet the Jury


Jury Award: Narrative Feature


As a part of the jury, we watched a total of nine films in about a week to narrow down our selections slowly. We carefully considered the judging criteria and discussed each film as a team along the way, highlighting what we loved about a film and where we got lost. From nine, we selected six. From six, we narrowed it down to three. All of the nine narrative features were thought-provoking films that educated us about different situations, happenings, and cultures of countries in South Asia. We want to congratulate all the participants' films. Each film is a journey worth taking.

Until Tomorrow: While this film acknowledges the political crisis of a nation, the human drama is what pulls the heartstrings. There is cruelty in the world. However, there is also kindness and compassion. "Until Tomorrow" is a wild ride that has you rooting for the young mother to do the right thing.

Jury Award: Documentary Feature 



The jury has recognized 'While We Watched' as a film that effectively champions  a powerful  narrative  about the cost of unchecked yellow journalism, jingoism and religious bigotry in the media. 

The inner workings of the dramatic news room offers  valuable insights into the dangers of factual reporting in a world where disinformation is rampant.


It was thought provoking, and delivered a message with the potential to stay  with  viewers long after watching.  In the face of so much vitriol, the brave journalist Ravish Kumar held on  to his job and integrity, when so many choose to leave- instead of fighting. 

Special Jury Award


While We Watched 2.jpg
Wheels on the Bus still.jpg

Jury Award: Short Film


This film is a breathtaking celebration of the artistry and craftsmanship of filmmaking. From its stunning cinematography to outstanding performances, this film truly embodies the spirit of what it means to be a great short film.

Director Surya Shahi masterfully guides us from ladder to ladder, leading us all the way to the top to the abode of snow and gods. This film is more than just a breathtaking visual experience. It's a poignant metaphor for the caste system in Nepal and how progress can be made when we strip away the barriers of discrimination attached to religion. This film reminds us that we can all move forward together when we melt these barriers into the wheels of progress.

We would like to congratulate the entire cast and crew of “Wheels on the bus” for their outstanding work, and may they continue to inspire and captivate audiences with their artistry in the future.


Runners Up:


Audience Award: Narrative Feature



In a very close audience award competition, the Manipuri language film, EIKHOIGI YUM, topped the list as the audience's favorite narrative feature with its tale of a young boy surmounting every obstacle to get an education. Picturesque and set amidst a government conflict and threat of displacement, the film captured audiences' hearts. It was closely followed by the poignant film GOLDFISH, a drama set in the UK about an aging mother and her estranged daughter. 



Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 6.20.08 PM.png

Audience Award: Documentary Feature

This film follows Ullah from New York streets to Bangladeshi villages as he uncovers the pasts of his father and mother. In doing so, he discovers a lost history - in which South Asian Muslims, African Americans, and Puerto Ricans forged an extraordinary multiracial community in the tenements of mid- 20th century Harlem. The audience laughed, learnt and cried with directors Alauddin Ullah and Vivek Bald as they painted an extraordinary portrait of the not-so-distant past.

Audience Award: Short Film

This short animated feature is a confrontation of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, extrajudicial violence, and decreasing space for difference and expression.

Created by Lahore based Puffball Studios, the short resonated with audience members. 

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