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Streaming April 28-May 1st, 2023
On Filmocracy


India I 9 mins I Drama I 2021 I Bengali, English

 w/ English subtitles

Official Selection of Dharamshala, UK Asian Film Festival, NYIFF, & Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Festival


In an arranged marriage, just before the ceremony, the
groom comes out to his would-be bride that he secretly cross-dresses.

About the Artist

Naman Gupta director

Born in Kolkata, India in 1993, Rahul Roye has been working as an independent filmmaker and screenwriter since 2018. Being a queer feminist, they feel strongly against any form of social suppression. They describe themselves as a welfare worker, while writing and filmmaking are their vocations to pave the way for
yhe desired world devoid of divisions.

Their recent works include POESY AND PEACE, GUESTS, INTERLUDE ( as screenwriter and actor), DHAKA KAW (screenwriter), and their work in progress screenplays MAMATA, WAVELENGTH, & EMBERS. 

They have released advertising films for Bandhan Bank, Jagaran Bank, and Fisheries in Bengal. Two of their books, 'Third-person plural' and 'Condemned' have received rave reviews from noted critics and readers. In
writing film criticisms, they have won awards under different fraternities (TRC, AIFCC, etc) and also program for regional film festivals (CISFF, Hummingbird Int'l Film Festival, Shorts Cult Film Festival,etc.) in India.


Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 7.37.41 PM.png




Writer/Director:        Rahul Roye


Producer(s):              Rudrajit Roy

Exec: Producer(s):    Tushar Tyagi,

                                  Rodrigo Diaz

Cinematographer:  Manas Bhattacharyya

Prod Design:           Rahul Roye



Featured Cast:        Atif Ally Dagman

                                 Kankana Chakraborty

Editor & Colorist:    Aritra Dutta Banik

Sound Design         Anindit Roy

                                 Adeep Singh Manki

Art Director:            Sibashis Chatterjee

Creative Producer:  Debanjan Chatterjee


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