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2023 FILMS

The 2023 Indie Meme Film Festival is a hybrid event, bringing 35+ acclaimed South Asian films to audiences through a combination of theatrical & virtual screenings, Q&A's, mixers, and filmmaker events. 

The in-person festival comes to Austin from April 12th - 16th with screenings held at Austin Film Society. 

The virtual festival, streaming April 28nd - May 1st,  will bring second screenings of many of our in-person favorites, as well as fresh virtual-exclusive feature and short programs. 

With films spanning 9+ countries, the Indie Meme Film Festival is an unmissable event for all fans of world cinema. 


Dhabari Quruvi Still.png


International Premiere

India I 2022 I Irula I 105 mins I dir. Priyanandanan

The story of a young tribal girl who rises from the ashes to proclaim her most essential rights, over her body and the decisions upon it. Shot with an all tribal cast at Attapadi in Kerala. Read more...

Official Selection: International Film Festivals of India, Kerala, & Chennai

 In Theaters Only


Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 6.20.08 PM.png


India I 2022 I Manipuri I 87 mins I dir. Romi Meitei

Chaoren, an eleven year-old boy from a rural fishing village, fights to attend and excel in school, amidst the threats of poverty and displacement. Read more...

IFFR - FIPRESCI Award for 'Best International Film' 


*Q&A w/ filmmaker Romi Meitei

 In Theaters + Online

International Premiere

Texas Premiere



Sold Out *

UK I India I 2022 I English I 103 mins I dir. Pushan Kripalani

With help from a neighbourhood and a past she has shunned, a young British-Indian woman (Kalki Koechlin) returns home to deal with her mother’s dementia and the scars of her childhood.

Read more..

Official Selection: Busan International Film Festival

* Q&A with director Pushan Kripalani & Lead Actress Kalki Koechlin 

In Theaters Only

*** a limited number of RUSH TICKETS will be available day of screening at AFS Cinemas




Bangladesh I Bengali, Bangla I 130 mins I dir. Mejbaur Rahman Sumon

A fishing trawler is beset by mysterious, possibly supernatural occurences after they take onboard a young woman lost at sea. Set in the Bay of Bengal and inspired by myth, this genre-defying tale is a gem of modern Bangladeshi cinema. Read more..

Bangladesh's Official Oscar Entry - 'Best International Feature'

In Theaters + Online

004c - Kamli Photograph.jpg


Pakistan I Urdu I 130 mins I dir. Sarmad Sultan Khoosat

A tale of love, loss, and cloaked secrets centered on the lives of three women in Pakistan, including a young married woman drawn to a mysterious man who saved her life. Read more...

'Best Actress' - Indus Valley International Film Festival (IVIFF)

Official Selection of Rotterdam (IFFR)


Online Only

Leila with book.png


Texas Premiere

Iran I Farsi I 165 mins I dir. Saeed Roustaee

At 40 years old, Leila has spent her life caring for her parents and four brothers. Caught up in debts worsened by the economic sanctions in Iran, the family argues constantly. As her brothers try to make ends meet, Leila charts a plan for elevating the family's wealth. Read more...

Cannes Film Festival - 'FIPRESCI Prize' 

Official Selection: Busan, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Singapore


In Theaters Only

STILL 3.png


India I 91 mins I Malayalam I dir. Bijukumar  Damodaran

From National-Award winning filmmaker, Dr. Biju, comes a collection of six cinematic sketches that depict the various means by which fascist governments conspire to silence their own people. Read more..

'Critic's Choice Award' - Rajasthan Int'l Film Festival 2021

'Life Award' - Imagine India Int'l Film Festival , Spain 2022

Online Only



UK I English I 103 mins I dir. Nida Manzoor

A London schoolgirl and tireless martial-artist-in-training, Ria Khan is determined to become a world-renowned stunt woman. But when her big sister Lena drops out of school to marry a wealthy heir, Ria soon realizes something is wrong and enlists her friends to rescue her sister from her own wedding. Read more..

Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival 2022, SXSW 2022

In Theaters Only

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 1.38.39 PM.png


India I Hindi I 78 mins I dir. Arvind Pradap

Mariam, mother & breadwinner for her migrant family in Mumbai, decides to become an illegal surrogate to support her children. However, as the pregnancy progresses she faces unexpected challenges with the family awaiting the child.  Read more..

Official Selection of Busan International Film Festival

Online Only



India I Italy I Japan I US I 2022 I 112 mins I Multiple I dir. Catherine Hardwicke, Taraji P. Henson, Lucía Puenzo, Leena Yadav, Maria Sole Tognazzi, Mipo Oh, Silvia Carobbio

A globe-spanning anthology film, comprised of seven short stories directed by women from across the world.S hot in Italy, India, Japan, and the U.S. - each segment is an inspirational and empowering story by and about women.


Academy Award Nominee - 'Best Original Song'

* Q&A with director Leena Yadav

In Theaters Only



Iran I Persian (Farsi) I 86 mins I dir. Ali Asgari

Fereshteh, a young student in Tehran, must hide the existence of her illegitimate two-month old baby for the night when her parents announce a surprise visit. She and her resourceful best friend must weigh up their true allies. As they traverse the city, their simple mission proves surprisingly treacherous. 


Official Selection: Berlinale '22


Online Only




India I Hindi I 94 mins I dir. Shaunak Sen

As legions of birds fall from New Delhi’s darkening skies, and the city smolders with social unrest, two brothers race to save a casualty of the turbulent times: the black kite, a majestic bird of prey essential to their city's ecosystem. Read more...

Academy Award Nominee '22- 'Best Documentary Feature'

Sundance Film Festival - World Cinema Jury Prize - 'Best Documentary'

In Theaters Only



Texas Premiere

US I Bangladesh I Bengali, Bangla, English I 85 mins I dir. Vivek Bald, Alaudin Ullah

A New York actor & playwright investigates the pasts of his Bangladeshi immigrant parents, unearthing a lost history in which South Asian Muslims, African Americans, and Puerto Ricans forged an extraordinary multiracial community in mid-20th century Harlem. Read more...

Official Selection: CAAMFest & DOC NYC

* Q&A with directors Vivek Bald & Alaudin Ullah

In Theaters + Online



Texas Premiere

India I  English, Gujarati, Hindi I 60 mins I dir. Divya Cowasji, Jall Cowasji

After decades of dormancy, the aging icons of Parsi theater return to the state for a final curtain call. The documentary chronicles the joy & resilience of the cast as they prepare to go out with a bang. Read more...

Official Selection of Bangkok International Documentary Awards & Cambridge Film Festival

Online Only



Texas Premiere

UK I Hindi, English I 94 mins I dir. Vinay Shukla

A turbulent newsroom drama that intimately chronicles the working days of broadcast journalist Ravish Kumar as he navigates a spiraling world of truth and disinformation. Read more...

TIFF - 'Amplify Voices Award '

Busan Int'l Film Festival - 'Cinephile Award'

DOC NYC - Special Presentation

* Virtual Q&A with director Vinay Shukla

 In Theaters Only


Coming Out with the help of a Time Machine_Photo1_Karan Looking at watch_MASTER.jpg

Coming Out With The Help of a Time Machine

USA I English I 15 mins I dir. Naman Gupta

Sid (Karan Soni) plans to come out to his conservative, community-oriented parents at a local diner. Luckily, he has the power of time travel on his side in this heartfelt sci-fi twist on the coming out story. Read more...


Official Selection - Tribeca Film Festival, BFI Flare, CAAMFest

Screens in:  Online Shorts Programming

Online Only



Laos I Hmong I 18 mins I dir. Sparsh Ahuja, Omi Zola Gupta

Birdsong explores the dying whistling traditions of the Hmong people of northern Laos. The film follows the personal stories of three individuals, as they reflect on their experience as practitioners of a vanishing musical language. Read more...

Official Selection - SXSW '23

Screens in:  Online Shorts Programming

Online Only


Desi Standard Time Travel

Canada I English I Urdu I 20 mins I dir. Kashif Pasta

When a new father suddenly loses his own dad, an opportunity to travel back in time for an evening gives him a chance to end things on a better note. Read more...

'Best Short Film' - Audience Award - Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival

Screens in: Online Shorts Programming

Online Only



USA I English I 11 mins I dir. Kumar Mayank

Problems in a relationship come to the surface during a cinematography group exercise..Read more...


An Austin Local Production, In-Person Q&A

Screens w/:  ALL THAT BREATHES (In Theaters), Online Shorts Programming 

In Theaters + Online


Felt Cute Might Delete Later

Nepal I Nepali I 12 mins I dir. Swati Regmi

While 45 year old @Kalatmakabita is enjoying her newly found fame on tiktok, her daughter, @Princessxorimoh, also a micro- influencer, is embarrassed by her mother’s social media persona. Read more...

Screens in:  Shorts Program 1 (In Theaters) and Online Shorts Programming

In Theaters + Online

HAJUR Poster_edited.png


Nepal I Nepali I 10 mins I dir. LSM

Sarita, a young mother working from home during COVID-19, tries to balance her work and family- but her endurance reaches a breaking point as responsibilities keep piling up. Read more...

Screens in: Shorts Program 1 (In Theaters) and Online Shorts Programming

In Theaters + Online


The Horse From Heaven

India I Assamese I 15 mins I dir. Maharshi Tuhin Kashyap

A lonely elderly man, Kuxhol, becomes a prophet when he is gifted with the legendary ‘horse of heaven' - even if the horse is just a donkey. Read more...

Oscar-Qualifying Indian Entry for 'Best Short Film' - 2023 Academy Awards

Screens in:  Shorts Program I (In Theaters) and Online Shorts Programming

In Theaters + Online  

4 (1).JPG


Nepal I Nepali I 15 mins I dir. Minsho Limbu

A newly married girl is left by her husband in her mother's home and waits years for news. Eventually, she finds comfort in her resilient mother.  Read more...


'Best Cinematography' - Linz Int'l Short Film Festival

Screens in:   IN SEARCH OF BENGALI HARLEM (In Theaters) and Online Shorts Programming

In Theaters + Online


Lalanna's Song

India I Malayalam, Hindi I 33 mins I dir. Megha Ramaswamy

Two young mothers having a rough day are unprepared to meet Lalanna, a precocious preteen girl who suavely pushes their buttons. They find they have a merciless instinct to set her straight. Read more...

Official Selection: Mumbai Film Festival, Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA)

Screens in: Online Shorts Programming

Online Only


Lori (Melancholy of My Mother's Lullabies)

Nepal I Hong Kong I Nepali I 15 mins I dir. Abinash Bikram Shah

A mother sings lullabies to her 12 year-old daughter in order to calm her down. But, when the lullabies end, their reality turns out to be much grimmer. Read more...

Special Jury Mention - Cannes Film Festival

Screens w/:  IN SEARCH OF BENGALI HARLEM (In Theaters) and Online Shorts Programming

In Theaters + Online 

Man & Wife Still.png

Man & Wife

India I English, Bengali I 9 mins I dir. Rahul Roye

Just before their arranged wedding ceremony, a groom comes out to his would be bride, sharing that he secretly cross-dresses. Read more...

Official Selection of Dharamshala, UK Asian Film Festival, & NYIFF

Screens w/:  Online Shorts Programming

Online Only


Learning Not To Drown

When a father awakens to find his family missing her turns to community members for help. Read more...

An Austin Local Production, In-Person Director Q&A

Screens w/:  ALL THAT BREATHES (In Theaters), Online Shorts Programming 

In Theaters + Online

USA I English I 20 mins I dir. Prithvi Raj Karreddula


Murder Tongue

Pakistan I Urdu, Sindhi I 18 mins I dir. Ali Sohail Jaura

May 1992. A state-sanctioned 'Operation' has put the city of Karachi in a state of unrest. Abdul Aziz Ansari wakes up at night and is informed that his son hasn’t returned home.  Read more...

'Programmer's Choice - Narrative Short - Bushwick Film Festival

Screens w/:  HAWA (In Theaters) and Online Shorts Programming

In Theaters + Online


Murmurs of the Jungle

India I Marathi I 20 mins I dir. Sohil Vaidya

A grandmother tells a story to her grandson about the origins of their remote indigenous village in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. Read more...

'Best Short' - NFDC Film Bazaar

Official Selection: Chicago International Film Festival, IFFR

Screens w/:  Shorts Program I (In Theaters) + Online Shorts Programming

In Theaters + Online



New Zealand I English, Tamil I 11 mins I dir. Bala Murali Shingade

A recent Sri Lankan immigrant begins another day at her job stacking shelves at the local supermarket. Today, on her
wedding anniversary, she is forced to reconcile with the difficult realities of her life. Read more...

'Best Short Film' & 'NZ’s Best Audience Award' - New Zealand Int'l Film Festival

Screens in:  Online Shorts Programming

Online Only


Queer Parivaar

UK I English, Hindi, Urdu I 27 mins I dir. Shiva Raichandani

When a mysterious gatecrasher appears at their wedding, Madhav and Sufi are forced to face past secrets and reflect on what makes a family. Read more...

Iris Prize - Best British Short' - Film4 & Pinewood Studios

Screens in: Online Shorts Programming

Online Only

Sona Still 1.png


Canada I English I 15 mins I dir. Zahra Torkamanlou

On the verge of turning forty, how should Sona face the problem of her loneliness?


Screens w/: LEILA'S BROTHERS + Online Shorts Programming


Online  Only

The Return_vertical_film_poster.jpg

The Return

USA, India I English, Urdu I 18 mins I dir. Hena Ashraf

A writer-director struggles with her profound sense of loss after the sudden death of her father, who dies while visiting his homeland of India. Hena wrestles with  their strained relationship the only way she knows how: making a film. Read more...

Official Selection of DOCNYC,  IFFLA

Screens w/: Online Shorts Programming

Online Only



Pakistan I Urdu I 14 mins I dir. Arafat Mazhar

A young boy addicted to iFatwa, an app that crowdsources religious death sentences, spends his days swiping on the lives of strangers. Read more...

Official Selection: Annecy International Animation Festival

Screens w/: Shorts Program I (In Theaters) + Online Shorts Programming


In Theaters + Online  


Wheels on the Bus

Nepal I Nepali I 16 mins I dir. Surya Shahi

12 year old Bhyal, a blacksmith, is bullied into making iron wheels for their upper-caste peers. Exhausted by the situation, Bhyal and his best friend are compelled to break social conventions and take matters into their own hands. Read more...

Official Selection: Berlinale '22

Screens w/: Shorts Program I (In Theaters) + Online Shorts Programming


In Theaters + Online

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 8.49.29 PM.png

What Are You Searching For?

India I Hindi I 35 mins I dir. Princy Pal

Living in a small village in Himachal, Jyotsana is in denial of her husband’s demise. The turmoil of living a life between the past and the present make her more hostile towards motherhood. Read more...


Official Selection: South Asian International Film Festival, NYC

Screens in: Online Shorts Programming


Online  Only

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