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2022 FILMS

The 2022 Indie Meme Film Festival is a hybrid event, bringing 35+ acclaimed South Asian films to audiences through a combination of theatrical & virtual screenings, Q&A's, mixers, and filmmaker events. 

The in-person festival comes to Austin from April 14th - 17th with screenings held at Austin Film Society. 

The virtual festival, streaming April 22nd - 24th,  will bring second screenings of many of our in-person favorites, as well as fresh virtual-exclusive feature and short programs. 

With films spanning 10 countries and 19 languages, the 7th Indie Meme Film Festival is an unmissable event for all fans of world cinema. 

ANY DAY NOW FLowers Still.jpeg


Texas Premiere

Finland I 2020 I Finnish, Farsi, English I 82 mins I dir. Hamy Ramezan

An Iranian family in Finland await the final decision on their asylum application. Meanwhile, their 13-year old son, Ramin, begins junior high and the everyday stuff of life, from days at the lake to quiet apartment dance parties - goes on.


Jussi Award - 'Best Actor' for Shahab Hosseini

Official Selection: Berlinale

 In Theaters + Online



BARAH x BARAH (12 x 12)

India I 2021 I Hindi I 118 mins I dir. Gaurav Madan

Following a photographer of the dead in Varanasi, Barah x Barah is poignant look at the life in one of the oldest Indian cities as it undergoes seemingly imperceptible but steady changes.


*Q&A w/ filmmaker Gaurav Madan and Cinematographer Sunny Lahiri 

Diorama Festival - Best Indian Feature Film

 In Theaters + Online

Biriyaani 3.jpeg


India I 2020 I Malayalam I 95 mins I dir. Sajin Baabu

A married Muslim woman is forced out of her village when her brother is accused of terrorist connections. She seeks a new home & fulfillment while surviving systems that marginalize her and prevent justice. 

Read more..

Kerala State Award - Best Actress for    
Kani Kusruti

Online Only

Poster image_wide_Belmaya in 2017 at Sarangkot, with Macchapucchre peak and Annapurna rang


Southwest Premiere

Nepal I Nepali I 86 mins I Documentary I dir. Sue Carpenter & Belmaya Nepali

A revolutionary tale of a Nepali woman’s determination to challenge social norms and build an alternate future. We follow Belmaya as she defies caste and class barriers to become a documentarian and raise a young daughter. 


British Independent Film Awards - Nominee 'Best Documentary'

Online Only



Texas Premiere

India I Gujarati I 110 mins I dir. Pan Nalin

A 9-year-old boy in a remote village begins a lifelong love affair with cinema when he bribes his way into a rundown movie palace and spends the summer watching & learning from the projection booth. 


Tribeca Film Festival - Audience Award' (2nd Place)

Official Selection: Sydney, Reykjavik, Palm Springs Int'l Film Festival


In Theaters Only



Texas Premiere

Bhutan I Dzhongka I 107 mins I dir. Pawo Choyning Dorji

Ugyen, a reluctant young teacher, just wants to finish his final year of service and move to Australia to pursue music. But when he's assigned to the world's most remote village school, he must reconsider his path and ties to his homeland.


Academy Award Nominee '22 - 'Best International Feature'

In Theaters Only

Midwives 2.jpeg


Southwest Premiere

Myanmar I Burmese, Rakhine I 91 mins I Documentary I dir. 'Snow' Hnin Ei Hlaing

Hla is the Buddhist owner of a makeshift medical clinic in Myanmar, while Nyo Nyo, her young apprentice, belongs to the persecuted Rohingya Muslim community. Amidst the civil unrest, the two women support and challenge one another as they work to provide steady healthcare. 


Sundance Film Festival - 'Special Jury Award for Verite Filmmaking'

In Theaters Only

A Night of Knowing Nothing 1.jpeg


Texas Premiere

India I Hindi, Bengali/Bangla I 97 mins I dir. Payal Kapadia

In this docu-drama hybrid, the love letters of a young film student, L, to her estranged lover are juxtaposed with the drastic changes to campus life and the political landscape in India, which result in student protests and uprising. 


Cannes Film Festival- 'Best Documentary'


 In Theaters + Online

Not Today 3


Southwest Premiere

India I Hindi I 92 mins I dir. Aditya Kripalani

Aliah, a Bohri Muslim girl from a traditional family, secretly becomes a Suicide Prevention Counsellor. On her first day, an unusual call comes in, which challengers her to confront why she took on the job in the first place. 


Bengaluru Int'l Film Festival - FIPRESCI International Critics Award + 'Best Asian Film'

Online Only

Pebbles still distance.jpeg


Texas Premiere

India I Tamil I 75 mins I dir. P.S Vinothraj

A young boy follows his alcoholic father on a quest to find his mother, who has run away from his domestic abuse. The two cross the arid landscape by foot and bus, unsure of what they will do when they arrive. 


Int'l FF Rotterdam - Tiger Award  (Top Prize)

Independent Spirit Awards '22 Nominee - 'Best International Feature'

In Theaters + Online



U.S Premiere

Bangladesh I Bengali, Bangla I 107 mins I dir. Abdullah Mohammad Saad

In this powerfully-acted thriller, an assistant professor at a medical college finds her life thrown into chaos when she witnesses an unexpected incident involving a female student


Bangladesh's Official Oscar Submission

Asia Pacific Screen Awards - 'Best Actress' Award

In Theaters Only

Rk_RKAY still train.jpeg


Austin Premiere

India I Hindi I 95 mins I dir. Rajat Kapoor

A frustrated filmmaker can't get his latest feature to click. Things take a turn for the worse when the lead character he also plays runs out of the edit and into real life.

Q&A w/ Rajat Kapoor in attendance


Official Selection - Shanghai International Film Festival, Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival

 In Theaters + Online


An Early Spring _ still _fire.png

An Early Spring

India I Hindi I Pahari I 38 mins I dir. Pramati Anand

In a Himalayan village, a local girl befriends a female backpacker. Tensions arise when the girl’s mother believes their friendship is stoking her daughter’s rebellious ideas.


Screens in:  Shorts Program 1 - End of the World (Theaters) + Family Shorts (Online)

In Theaters + Online

A Coup 11.png

A Coup

Pakistan I Urdu I 8 mins I dir. Areeba Naveed

When a young girl comes out to her biased psychiatrist in 1983, he calls her parents for an intervention to cure her. 

N. American Premiere


Screens in:  Shorts Program 1 - End of the World(In Theaters + LGBTQ Stories Online)

In Theaters + Online

Baahar (1).png

Baahar (Outside)

USA I English I Hindi I 14 mins I dir. Prakshi Malik

Disaster brews when Seher gets accepted to a boarding school--a dream come true--on the evening of a big family dinner.

UT- Austin Local Project, AFS Grant


Screens in:  Shorts 1 - End of the World (In Theaters + Family Shorts Online)

In Theaters + Online



Germany I USA I German, Dari (Afghan) I 14 mins I dir. Zamarin Wahdat

When 8-year-old Kati stows away in her father's delivery van, Faruk must juggle his responsibilities as a single dad while holding down his first job in a new country.

Sundance '21 - Best International Fiction Award


Screens w/:  REHANA (In Theaters), Family Shorts (Online) 

In Theaters + Online

TBD Stills-11 a.jpg

The Blind Date

India I Hindi I17 mins I dir. Mihir Dhiraj Upadhyay

Raghav and Najma are a blind couple with a deep connection. However, on their latest seaside date they must face an upcoming change. 

World Premiere


Screens in:  Shorts Program 2  (In Theaters) and A Matter of Survival (Online)

In Theaters + Online

Photo 1 Chai_Final_v2_4K-422HQ.00_01_49_03.Still004.jpg


USA I English, Persian I 8 mins I dir. Arshum Rouhanian

With the grand opening of their chai stand, Iranian siblings, Sanam and Reza are faced with the unexpected competition from their neighbors' hot chocolate stand


Screens w/:  Any Day Now (In Theaters) , Family Shorts (Online) . 

In Theaters + Online

India I Malayalam I 8 mins I dir. Balaram J

CYCLE Film Still 01.jpg


India I Hindi, Telugu, Oriya, Bengali I 20 mins I dir. Devashish Makhija

A wronged young tribal woman, in the absence of systemic justice, turns rebel, but struggles to fulfill the expectations that the path to retribution demands. 

Screens w/:  A Matter of Survival  (Online) 

Online  Only

Dal Bhat 1.jpeg

Dal Bhat

India I Gujarati I  29 mins I dir. Nemil Shah

10-year-old Mukti wishes to swim in the newly filled lake, after a long drought.  A seemingly simple wish turns to an unexpected discovery about himself. 


Screens in:   Shorts Program 1 - End of the World As We Know It (In-Person)

In Theaters Only

Grasshoppers Field.png

Grasshoppers Sleep Here

When a mowing man comes to cut down the grass in a field, he finds a girl is sleeping there -  determined to protect the insects who call it home.  U.S Premiere


Screens w/:  Lunana - A Yak in the Classroom (In Theaters) , Family Shorts  (Online) . 

In Theaters + Online

Copy of Kanya 2k still (1).jpg


India I Tamil I 15 mins I dir. Apoorva Satish

A coming-of-age, drama about an adolescent girl whose aspirations of becoming a competitive swimmer takes an unexpected turn when she gets her first period.


Screens w/:  A Matter of Survival (Online)

Online Only

Local Middle Schooler 1.png

Local Middle Schooler

USA I English I 11 mins I dir. Sanjna Bharadwaj

Anagha Narayan is your average eighth grader and wants nothing more than to have clear skin. Her life changes when she wishes on a fallen eyelash and her wish is granted - causing the world to take notice.

A SXSW '22 Official Selection


Screens w/:  Shorts Program 1  (In Theaters + Beyond The End of the World  (Online) 

In Theaters + Online

Hot Chocolate Screenshot

Hot Chocolate

A growing boy and his mother form an important bond through lovingly prepared cups of hot chocolate.


Screens w/:  Shorts Program 2 (In Theaters) , Family Shorts  (Online) . 

In Theaters + Online

USA I English I 3 mins I dir. Lila Mali

Miniaturist 4.jpeg

Miniaturist of Junagadh

India I Hindi, Urdu I 29 mins I dir. Kaushal Oza

1947. The ravages of Partition compel

an artist to sell his ancestral home and move to Pakistan. When the man buying the house learns of the artist's invaluable miniature collection he schemes to get ahold of it, but all is not what it seems. 

Winner - Best Short Film - Imagine India


Screens w/:  RK/RKAY (In Theaters)

In Theaters Only


Mono No Aware

India I Hindi I 20  mins I dir. Koushik Sarkar

In Mumbai, 10-year-old Poorna wakes up to her morning routine and heads out on a school trip, visiting an ancient hill and an old-age home. She finds herself immersed in "mono no aware", a Buddhist term meaning ‘watching the passing', reflecting on changes in her family & the world

Southwest Premiere. 


Screens w/:  Shorts Program 2  (In Theaters) + Beyond The End of the World  (Online)

In Theaters + Online

Moshari Still 1 - Sunerah Binte Kamal as Apu.png


Bangladesh I Bengali I 21 mins I dir. Nuhash Humayun

When the world is overrun with bloodthirsty creatures, two sisters persevere by spending nights inside the moshari - the traditional South Asian mosquito net - the only known shelter from the threat.

A SXSW '22 Official Selection


Screens w/:  Shorts Program 1 (In Theaters + Beyond The End of the World  (Online)

In Theaters + Online

My Mother's Girlfriend - Film still 1.jpg

My Mother's Girlfriend

India I Hindi, Marathi I 15 mins I dir. Arun Fulara

Renuka is in love with Sadiya, another woman, but her adult son, Mangesh,  doesn't know. One day, he sees them out celebrating and Renuka's worlds collide.


Screens w/:  Reaching for Love - LGBTQ + Stories  (Online)

Online Only


Noor & Layla

Canada I English I 15 mins I dir. Fawzia Mirza

Noor and Layla are breaking up. It's the end of the road for these two Muslim women... or is it just the beginning? Five life-changing moments in their relationship are marked by the Muslim call to prayer. 


Screens w/ Beyond The End of the World  Online)


Online  Only

Navozande 4.png

Navozande, Le Musicien

France I No dialogue I 15 mins I dir. Reza Riahi

At the time of the attack of the Mongols, a young musician and the love of his life are separated from each other. A story of love, war, and hardship in 13th-century Persia.


Winner : 'Best Animated Short' Award at

Tribeca Film Festival

Screens w/: Beyond The End of the World  (Online)

Online Only

RECEIVER Still 3_Tahirih Vejdani as Sriyani.jpg


Canada I English I 15 mins I dir. Cavan Campbell

Sriyani, an idealistic and overtaxed Sri Lankan-Canadian social worker, has built her life around helping others, but at the expense of those closest to her. Who is going to defend Sriyani when she is hypnotized by a caller tonight?


Screens w/:  A Matter of Survival (Online)


Online  Only

Song we Sang 1.jpeg

The Song We Sang

India I Hindi I English 20 mins I dir. Aarti Neharsh

Roaming the streets of Ahmedabad on a festive Navaratri night, two young women may have the chance to fall for each other.


Screens w/:  Reaching for Love - LGBTQ + Stories  (Online)


Online Only

Sheer Qorma 2.png

Sheer Qorma

India I Hindi I English 30 mins I dir.Faraz Arif Ansari

 A story of belonging and acceptance, identity and family told through courageous, queer women choose to embrace love that exists beyond their personal beliefs and social moralities.


Screens w/:  Reaching for Love - LGBTQ + Stories  (Online)

Online  Only

Testimony of Ana - Still 3.jpg

Testimony of Ana

India I Gujarati I 24 mins I dir. Sachin Dheeraj

Anaben Pawar is an elderly tribal woman accused of witchcraft. Through Ana’s story, we delve into a deep-rooted culture of patriarchy and examine one of the most monstrous attacks on women’s bodies in modern India: the witch-hunt.


Screens w/:  Shorts Program 2 (In Theaters)A Matter of Survival (Online)


In Theaters + Online

Turning Point 3.png

Turning Point

USA I English, Malayalam I 15 mins I dir. Rakhesh Raveendran

When an immigrant father on a work visa in the US has too much to drink at a neighborhood party, he learns how dire the consequences could be for his family. 

Texas Local Filmmaker


Screens w/:  Shorts Program 2 (In Theaters)

Only In Theaters


U for Usha

India I Marathi I 22 mins I dir. Rohan Kanawade

Usha, a single mother who works as a farm labourer in rural India, finds herself drawn to a female teacher of local primary school, in ways she never knew possible.


Screens w/:  Reaching for Love - LGBTQ + Stories  (Online)

Online  Only

Wade 2.png


India I 11 mins I dir. Kalp Sanghvi, Upamanyu Bhattacharyya

In a future version of Kolkata, India, rendered unlivable by sea level rise, things take a dark turn when a family of climate change refugees are ambushed by a tiger on the flooded streets.


Beyond The End of the World  (Online)


Online  Only

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